Young Sheldon Season 6 Just Secretly Created George's Cheating Scandal

After putting the plot on hold for a long time, Young Sheldon season 6 may have just secretly created George's cheating scandal.

Bringing back a familiar character could be Sheldon Jr.'s way of secretly creating a cheating scandal for George in season 6. Chief Cooper's infidelity arc is one of, if not the most anticipated plot line of the Big Bang Theory prequels. Sheldon Jr. brought up the idea that George could start a relationship with Brenda Sparks in season 4, but their mutual attraction somehow died down in season 6, as George instead rekindled his relationship with Brenda Sparks. Mary's love affair. Sadly, while Cooper's parents' marriage appears to be on the mend, George's affair continues, and Sheldon Jr. season 6 may just subtly set the stage for it.

The Big Bang Theory spinoff, which has been forced off the air, will return with Young Sheldon season 6, episode 9, "The College Dropout and the Medford Miracle". This outing will largely continue Sheldon's attempt to create a funding database that has become so complex that he even considers quitting. Elsewhere, however, the family comedy will tackle George's return as coach of the Medford High School football team, which may ultimately be why he ends up being unfaithful.

Rob’s Young Sheldon Season 6 Return Sets Up George’s Affair

Part of George's arc in the Young Sheldon season 6 winter premiere is by Reverend Rob return. He was recruited by the football coaching staff to help boost player morale. George was unaware of the plan, so he's understandably shocked and upset by it. Forcing him to spend time with the man Mary had a relationship with in "Little Sheldon" could heighten his insecurities and, as such, could be the catalyst for George to begin a long-delayed cheating scandal. Although Sheldon's parents eventually mend their marriage, their relationship remains fragile, and Reverend Rob's return could undo all their efforts to rekindle their relationship.

Pastor Rob has influenced George's marriage. Although Mary tries to hide her attraction to her ex-colleague, her husband knows she is obsessed with him. Excommunication effectively separated them and gave Mary time to refocus on her family. Now, however, Reverend Rob is stealing George's limelight at work - the only thing he can claim to be truly his. This may further exacerbate his insecurities with Mary's ex-colleague, prompting him to seek validation in the arms of another woman.

George's Cheating Scandal Will Be Crucial To Young Sheldon

Sheldon Jr. hints that George could not have cheated because Sheldon had been seen knocking on the door before Enter a room. This makes his story about breaking in on his father to have sex with another woman suspicious. Sadly, that doesn't mean CBS won't move forward with the controversial plot line, especially considering how important it was to Sheldon's personal arc. More importantly, however, the impending affair will completely change Coopers' life on Young Sheldon, if the family comedy continues after it. Just a year after Sheldon finds out about George's affair, he will die unexpectedly, leaving a family without a patriarch.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon airs every Thursday on CBS.

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