Young Sheldon ruins a Big Bang Theory moment again

One specific moment in Young Sheldon's season 6 fall finale ruined one of the greatest scenes in The Big Bang Theory involving Mary and Sheldon.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6.

A great moment from The Big Bang Theory has been ruined once again by Young Sheldon. Sheldon Jr. has been known to take it easy when it comes to maintaining continuity and creating more plot holes in season 6. While this is nothing new, this one is particularly bad because it ruins one of the great emotional interactions between Sheldon and Mary in The Big Bang Theory. Given how rare they are, CBS can make sure to check them out before presenting scenes that directly conflict with them in the prequels.

As Coopers deals with other issues, the Big Bang Theory prequel has sidelined its main star and shifted the focus to the rest of the family. This somehow makes the young Sheldon the worst part, since his personal arc takes place at East Texas Tech, so he's mostly separated from the rest of the clan. Season 6 attempts to address this by introducing his funding database project, which now involves George and Mary as they grapple with the legality of the effort. It also paved the way for another Young Sheldon moment The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Contradicts Mary’s TBBT Stance About Sheldon’s Future

Later in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy start living together. Although he is not religious, he still worries about how his devout Christian mother will receive it. So instead of simply communicating on the phone, he and Amy traveled to Texas, only to be disappointed and even hurt when they found out that Mary wasn't quite as disturbed as she was in Young Sheldon season 6. There are conflicting positions on the matter. As seen in the prequel's fall finale, Mary is optimistic about Sheldon getting married and having kids. In fact, it was the boy genius who was suspicious.

While it's not new for Young Sheldon to contradict The Big Bang Theory, this example is particularly bad because it ruins one of Sheldon's most exciting moments in The Big Bang Theory. It was heartbreaking to see him feel insulted after realizing that Mary didn't believe he'd find someone to spend his life with. While the segment has some comedic moments, it's one of the rare moments when the socially awkward genius admits to being hurt by what others think of him, let alone his own mother.

How Young Sheldon Can Fix Mary’s Latest Big Bang Theory Inconsistency

The very different versions of the Cooper family members in the CBS prequels are the main reason for the plot hole in Sheldon Jr.'s The Big Bang Theory. The same goes for Mary, which means the family sitcom has a way of rectifying the aforementioned problems. Perhaps, as the family went through a series of tragedies, including George's death, she became pessimistic about life, changing her perspective on Sheldon's future. It's no secret that The Big Bang Theory's Mary is a lot worse than Young Sheldon's version, so her upcoming experience may leave her feeling miserable and suspicious in general.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon airs every Thursday on CBS.

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