Yellowjackets Season 2's Adult Van cast reacts to fan casting

Yellowjackets Season 2's Adult Van cast member Lauren Ambrose reacts to how fans have made her into her character and her own experiences on the show.

As audiences eagerly await the show's return, "Yellow Jackets" season 2 grown-up cast member Lauren Ambrose responds to fans calling for her to take on the role. Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, this Showtime thriller follows a team of high school football players whose plane crashes in Canada as they survive 19 months in the wilderness and explores their adult lives in which they Trying to deal with the trauma of everything they did to survive. Yellowjackets premiered in late 2021, and it proved to be a huge hit with reviews and ratings for the network, quickly securing a season 2 renewal and even a season 3 before its return.

While discussing Servant season 4 with Entertainment Tonight, Lauren Ambrose publicly stated that she would be joining the cast of Yellowjackets season 2. Asked if she had heard of fan castings for her to play adult Fan, Ambrose admitted she hadn't heard of such castings, but she was flattered by them and had her own interesting experience on the show . See what Ambrose had to say below:

No, [I] didn't know that. But I definitely had the experience of watching the show and being like, 'Well, gee, can I be on this show or what? And then they asked me to do [it]. So, that was a different experience for me. I've never watched something and loved it and then [went] on it. So… that has been cool. I am very excited about it.

What To Expect From Van's Yellowjackets Return?

Originally played by Liv Hewson, Vanessa is one of the most unique characters in Yellowjackets In season 1, while the team's other adult counterparts can be seen in present-day storylines, Fan is conspicuously absent. In the '90s storyline, Van experienced several near-death situations even after the plane crash, including being savagely punched in the face by wolves and nearly being burned to death at the funeral pyre by his teammates. Van was also a fan favorite in Yellowjackets season 1 because of her relationship with Jasmin Savoy Brown's Taissa, whom they kept a secret for much of the past, eventually revealing to others during their "Apocalypse" that they were A couple ended up attending Dark Prayer at the end of the season.

Not much is known about adult Fan's return in Yellowjacket season 2, although recently released images from new episodes seem to find her life fairly stable and happy despite the various traumas she encountered as a teenager. The images do show Ambrose's Fan retaining the scars from her wolf attack from season one, while also working in some sort of antique shop, though it's unclear if that shop is in the works. NJ or elsewhere. Considering that Yellowjackets season 1 also saw Taissa marry Simone and her son Sammy, some fans are eager to see her and Van reunite in some capacity next season.

Ambrose's adult Van won't be the only new face in Yellowjackets season 2, as Simone Kessell has signed on to play the adult version of Lottie, both characters promoted to series regulars after recurring in season 1. Elijah Wood is also joining in a season-long recurring role, while Jason Ritter, who is married to adult Shawna actor Melanie Lynskey in real life, will make a cameo appearance, though details of the latter's role are currently unknown. When Yellowjackets season 2 premieres on March 26, only time will tell what we can expect from new and returning faces. This is not CallieSource: ET

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