Yellowjackets' grown fan actress works with her younger counterpart

Yellowjackets' adult Van, Lauren Ambrose, discusses working with her younger co-star Liv Hewson and praises her performance in season 1.

Lauren Ambrose is in talks to play adult Fan in Yellowjackets, teaming up with her younger counterpart Liv Hewson. The series, which premieres on Showtime in 2021, follows the aftermath of a 1996 plane crash that left a group of teenage football players in the wilderness for over a year on their way to the Nationals. Tracking their various efforts to stay together, while also observing the lives of survivors in the present, the show flashes back and forth to reveal persistent tensions and seemingly supernatural events.

Viewers got their first glimpse of adult Fan in Yellowjacket season 2, and now, Ambrose shares that she's been working with Hewson to bring the character to life. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actress revealed that the process is still a work in progress, but she credits Hewson for the first season. Read Ambrose's comments about working with her younger counterpart in the yellow jersey below: Based on the end of season 1, viewers know Lottie also survived the incident In the Wild, it was confirmed back in August that Simone Kessel would play the present-day Lottie, who is now the leader of a cult. Elijah Wood, Nuha Jes Izman and Jason Ritter also all join Yellowjackets Season 2. While it's unclear what Van did in the years after the plane crash, Ambrose will be a regular on the series, so viewers should know exactly where she is and how she's been affected when the show returns.

"I mean, it's all happening right now. It's a process that is happening as we speak. And Liv created a beautiful character that wasn't even necessarily meant to stick around. And because of Liv's very cool, beautiful performance, I get to be part of it now, too."

Everything We Know About Yellowjackets Season 2

Viewers see Van's relationship with Tessa change, and see her character engage in Lottie's ritual practice in the season 1 finale. In the final episode, the main surviving members also attend their high school reunion, as Tessa's basement shows disturbing signs related to past events, and Natalie is kidnapped. With Yellowjackets season 2 fast approaching, the series still has a lot to discover, and Ricci has previously revealed that it will be "even crazier." Upcoming episodes will include more information about Shauna's baby and Jackie's diary entries.

Yellowjackets was renewed prior to the release of season 2, and the show was a huge success in the ratings For Emmy nominations, it's likely to continue to do well. Knowing that Van and Lottie are still alive, it's worth wondering how their return affects everyone else. Viewers have been hoping to see an adult Van and Ambrose's comments about working with Hewson suggest the two versions will contain similarities. Those looking forward to learning more details about Van and the rest of the Yellowjackets story can make sure to check out season 2 when it premieres.

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