Wolverine Just Proved He'd Make a Great Green Lantern

Wolverine has been through enough trauma to break a normal person, but his iron will will make him a great Green Lantern.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Midnight Suns #4!

In his battles with supernatural entities, Wolverine proved that he would make an excellent Green Lantern. The Green Lantern Corps harnesses the willpower of the Green Lantern, and in Midnight Sun #4, Wolverine shows why he blends into them by easily repelling an attack designed to drain willpower. Wolverine shrugged and fought on, a feat that immediately qualifies him to join the Green Lantern Corps.

In the DC Universe, there is an emotional spectrum, where different colors represent different emotional drives/states; for example, red for anger, yellow for fear, and blue for hope. The Green Lantern Corps harnesses the power of will represented by the color green. The Green Lanterns were chosen because of how strong their willpower is and how easily they can overcome their fears. Over the course of his long life, Wolverine has been through a lot and overcome enormous obstacles, making him a prime Green Lantern.

The Midnight Sun team, including Wolverine, Blade, Sorcerer, Elf Knight, and Sister Grimm, have been teleported to another dimension by Earth's current Sorcerer Supreme, Clea. Reaching a far corner of the Dark Dimension, Team Sun encountered a unique Tony Stark variant known as the Sorcerer Supreme. The Midnight Sun was then attacked by the G'uranthic Guardian, a giant one-eyed stone creature; they tried their best to hit the monster, but nothing seemed to be able to stop it. The Guardians then bombard Wolverine with beams of red energy. Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark warned Wolverine that the Guardian's attacks were designed to test the willpower of the victims. Wolverine battles the beam's attack, eventually powering through it; he tells Stark that the Guardian isn't testing his willpower, but "his patience." Wolverine then broke free, and the Suns continued to attack the Guardians, eventually defeating them. This issue was written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Luigi Zagaria, colored by Antonio Fabela, and written by Joe Sabino.

Wolverine's Trauma Makes Him a Great Green Lantern

In a fight, Wolverine proves that he has what it takes to be a Green Lantern, but to anyone who has followed his life and career, this should come as no surprise. The great loss and trauma Logan endured throughout his long life would break most hearts, but he continues to find within himself the strength to keep fighting. Furthermore, Wolverine's experience in various wars and covert operations could easily make him a Terrible villain, but he instead maintains his moral compass, becoming a pillar of the X-Men and the mutant community as a whole. Thanks to more than a century of pain and suffering, Wolverine possesses one of the strongest wills on Earth - making him a powerful supporter of the Green Lantern Corps.

If Wolverine gets a Green Lantern ring, he's easily the most powerful member of the Legion. His unwavering determination and willpower allow him to effortlessly wield his ring, which will grant him the power to fly and the ability to create structures of intense light. Combined with his healing factor and claws, this makes for a killer combo. Wolverine would make a great Green Lantern more than anyone - and Marvel has confirmed that fact.

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