Willow: Main characters, ranked by power

Various characters in the Disney+ series Willow display varying degrees of power as they go about their quests.

Although only a few episodes have aired, the general outlines of Willow's story have become clear. Like the film it's based on, it's an old-fashioned fantasy with an exploration narrative, a cast of heroes audiences can't help but love, and an evil that can't be easily conquered.

Like many other great fantasy series, Willow's success is largely based on the dynamics of its cast, which includes some fantastic characters. They are particularly noteworthy for the wide variation in the power they are able to wield in an increasingly uncertain world.

Prince Airk

Prince Elk was, of course, one of two children born to Queen Sosa. However, while his sister, Princess Kit, seems to have at least some skill, he seems to be little more than a playboy. For all his charisma, he doesn't have that much power.

This certainly explains why he was eventually kidnapped and taken to the Wither Crone's domain. At that time, I have to rely on others to save me. He, deftly turns the traditional damsel in distress story on its head.

Prince Graydon

While he is a very kind and caring man, it is clear from the beginning that Prince Jayden is not the most war-loving or the most talented of those who set out to rescue Prince Ike. It's not that he's a coward, exactly. It's just that his talent lies elsewhere.

In fact, while he may lack Emerald's physical strength or Willow and Elora's magic, he does possess knowledge and wisdom.

Just as importantly, he also demonstrates a gift for empathy, which will no doubt prove useful as the quest continues.


Soon, Willow became a show known for its LGBTQ+ representation. The young warrior Jed is shown to be romantically involved with Princess Jed, though she is also grappling with the reality that her loved one may have to marry for political reasons.

With her fiery spirit, Jade is one of the strongest members of the company. She has shown that she is a very skilled fighter, and it is clear that this particular element of her power is essential to The company's efforts to rescue Prince Elk.

Princess Kit

From the first episode, it's clear that Princess Kit is going to be an awesome female character, which luckily has become more common in fantasy. She is very independent and often refuses to do what she is supposed to do, regardless of what her mother thinks.

While she has not been fully tested, it is already clear that Princess Kit possesses enormous power in terms of character alone. She's the type of person who doesn't simply go get along, but won't rest until she's accomplished her goal (in this case, it means saving her brother).

Thraxus Boorman

Although he is in prison at the beginning of the series, it soon becomes clear that Thraxus Boorman has seen and heard much more than that. He has many skills that prove to be very useful, nowhere is this more evident than when he is able to help the defenders of the castle fight off the menacing figure known as Gales.

Throughout his time as a member of the Company, Thraxus has proven himself to be a formidable fighter. what is What's more, he's clearly more than that, wielding his powers with ease and with an infectious sense of humor.

Queen Sorsha

By this point, the consensus is that "The Willows" is one of the best fantasy films, whose enduring appeal lies in Sosa. By the time the series begins, she has reigned as Queen for a while.

She clearly had a lot of influence and took her position of authority very well. What's more, she's also shown that she's willing to wield her power in some unexpected ways, most notably by keeping Elora Danan ignorant of her true identity and relegating her to the status of a servant.

Commander Ballantine

When the series begins, Commander Ballantine appears to be one of the heroes. He's clearly a formidable fighter and has served Queen Saulsa well. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before he was infected by a lich, and as a result, he became even more evil.

Paradoxically, it is this infection that makes him one of the most powerful characters in the series. he is Not only was he able to outwit the rest of his company; he also captured Elora himself. Whatever creature he becomes, he's clearly something to fear.

Elora Danan

Elora Danan was one of the most important characters in the original film, even as a baby. By the time Willow begins, she's already living with a different identity, without even realizing her own immense power.

However, as the series continues, she slowly begins to realize the truth. And, as she's shown, when she's able to grow seedlings from magical seeds, it's only a matter of time before she becomes the truly impressive wizard she's always wanted to be.


Warwick Davis was one of the most charming actors to appear in Willow, reprising his role from an earlier film. As he's done in previous appearances, he made it clear that there's a lot to Willow, more than people usually see.

Willow is not only a very powerful man; he also knows how to use appearances. And, while he sometimes becomes impatient with Elora and her inability to grasp nuances immediately Magic, but it's clear he's going to be a key part of the company's fight against the evil forces of the Withered Crone.

The Lich

Although the lich has only appeared a few times in the series so far, it's clear that the creature is very powerful. Among other things, he was able to infect the Ballantine Commander, turning him into another disciple.

Like the most powerful fantasy villains, liches are at their best when exerting control over others. That makes him especially scary, and it's clear that he's going to be one of the people the Company has to deal with as it tries to rescue Prince Elk.

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