Why Sister Wife's Kristen finds Cody's opinion of her 'embarrassing'

Wife's sister's fans are heartbroken for Kristen Brown as she has to relive Cody Brown's embarrassing comment about not being attracted to her.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown recently revealed how embarrassed she was to learn that Kody Brown never found her attractive. The two TLC stars have been married for a while, as Cody began ignoring his third wife in order to get closer to his fourth, Robin Brown. Cody is currently hurting from his divorce, but fans don't see that as a mean excuse.

Christine and Kody were married for 25 years, but their union began to unravel towards the end. Fans of the Sister Wives can tell there were some major issues in their marriage, especially after moving to Arizona. Shortly after the move, the COVID-19 pandemic forced polygamous households to shut down completely. Cody pulled out all the stops and decided to create a set of strict rules that he wanted the whole family to follow. However, more than half of his family reneged on his warnings, causing friction within the Brown family.

Kody Brown Was Never Attracted To Christine Brown

In a disturbing episode of Sister Wives, fans learn that Kody was never attracted to Christine. While she admitted the comment was "very embarrassing" during the reunion, she shared that since The feeling is mutual. As Kristen did, the mother-of-six turned negative comments into positive ones when she shared, which helped her realize she was already "fighting" for a relationship neither of them wanted. For Kristen, the most heartbreaking part was realizing that everything she sacrificed for her polygamous family was "meaningless."

Kody Brown Stands Alone

Kody has lost his Sister Wives at breakneck speed over the past year. Shortly after Kristen left her multiple marriage to Cody, it was revealed that Cody's second wife, Janelle Brown, followed suit. Nearly 30 years later, Janelle announced at the reunion that she and Cody had separated. That relationship also began to unravel during the pandemic, leaving Janelle with no choice but to choose her children over her husband.

The wives and sisters got their biggest surprise this month when Merry Brown revealed that she and Cody had also announced their split after 32 years of marriage. Cody's first wife was with the patriarch through thick and thin, even though he made it clear that he no longer wanted to marry her spiritually. Only one wife, Robyn, left and fans think he drove on purpose The other three spouses leave so Kody and Robyn can live a monogamous life. Fans rallied to support Kristen, Janelle, and Merrie, letting them know they had more to offer the world than Cody told them.

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