Why Pokémon Changed Brock's Dream Target To A Doctor

When Brock was introduced, he dreamed of becoming the ultimate Pokémon keeper. So why, in later seasons, did he become a doctor instead?

When Bullock first appeared in the Pokémon anime, his goal was to become a Pokémon keeper, a job that required a lot of care and study. However, in his most recent appearance, Brock has been shown to have become a Pokémon doctor. So what changed Bullock's goals?

Pokémon Breeders is an in-game trainer class that typically features a more diverse Pokémon team, but at a lower level. However, these Pokémon breeders only started appearing in Ruby and Sapphire long after Brock announced his goals. The inspiration for Brock's Pokémon dreams is likely to be dog breeders, who will breed puppies with the goal of getting them to dog shows, where performance is judged on ability and how well they match the "breed standard" decided by the judging organization. For example, Brock's concern about keeping his Vulpix's fur healthy and supple may be due to such a standard.

Brock maintained his goal of being a Pokémon keeper for a long time. Introducing Pokémon races in Ruby and Sapphire added a new element to the game that was more in line with how dog shows work, but the goal of success is Pokémon tournaments are run by Mei and later Dawn. This left Pokémon's Brock even more precarious than before, and his dreams even more confusing. Breeding Pokémon isn't really something that can be shown on children's TV, even the sterilized egg way of Pokémon breeding. This makes it difficult for Brock to actually move toward his goals, something the character begins to realize towards the end of the era of diamonds and pearls. Brock realizes that he's always loved caring for Pokémon, and that he has a talent for working with sick or injured Pokémon, a trait that dates back to the Orange Islands mutant Butterfree in "Poké Ball Peril." Brock returned to his hometown of White Tin City while studying to become a Pokémon Doctor, eventually leaving the show after more than 650 episodes.

Where Brock Stands Today

In later appearances, Brock was shown to have gone to Pokémon Medical School and practiced in Joto. Brock utilizes his new Doctor skills on his return to the Sun and Moon, where he diagnoses Lily's Sixtails with motion sickness, and he later treats a Yungus and a Wallaby when he travels to Alola . bullock is Also shown not to let his skills as a trainer get away from him, mastering Mega Evolution and challenging Ash's new friend, Kiawe. In Journeys, Brock is a full-blown Pokémon Doctor who works at the Oreburgh Pokémon Center in Sinnoh with his Blissey and Croagunk. He once again helped Ash stop Team Galaxy before returning to work at the Pokémon Center, and watched Ash's final victory in the World Coronation Series.

Brock is currently set to return to Ash's farewell miniseries, Pokémon: Aspiring Master, alongside Misty. Hopefully he can show off some of his Pokémon medical knowledge in future adventures.

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