Why Kurt Russell's Last Snake Plissken Movie, Escape From Earth, Didn't Happen

Escape From Earth was supposed to be Kurt Russell's third Snake Plisskin adventure, but the disappointment of the second film ruined that plan.

Escape From Earth was the planned third Snake Plissken movie, starring Kurt Russell, but it was doomed before it even started. Snake made his debut in John Carpenter's cult sci-fi novel Escape from New York. Snake is also Russell's breakthrough as an action star, seeing his outlaws forced to infiltrate New York -- which has been turned into a prison in the film's bleak future -- to rescue a kidnapped president. Russell's love of the character and the power of the film's star prompted him to convince Carpenter to direct a belated sequel, titled Escape from L.A. The pair also have a third work planned, titled Escape from Earth.

The end of John Carpenter's Escape from Los Angeles sees Plisken using satellite weapons to wipe out technology on Earth, tired of endless wars. This will set the stage for the third adventure, Carpenter told Fandom, "Escape from Earth is a bit like Snake Plissken in a space capsule, flying among the stars. So there will be a lot of special effects in it." Escape from Los Angeles has won awards since 1996. A cult following but lukewarm reviews, its poor CG was considered a big problem. It also only earns about Half of its $50 million budget was withdrawn, instantly killing plans to escape Earth.

Was John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars Supposed To Be A Snake Movie?

The Escape from New York remake has been in development hell for nearly 20 years, but it appears to have finally made progress with Scream 5 directors Taylor Gillette and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin. Regardless of the return of John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, the chances of escaping Earth are still slim, but the announcement of the remake has largely been snuffed out, despite Carpenter being attached to the latter as an executive producer. Over the years, Carpenter's 2001 sci-fi horror film Ghost of Mars has been reported by various outlets as a remake of "Escape from Earth," with Ice Cube's "Desolation" Williams replacing Russell's "Snake."

Ghosts Of Mars tells the story of a Martian police officer forced to defend a prison from miners possessed by the bloodthirsty spirit of the Warriors of Mars; she enlists the help of the Cube's notorious inmates. The rumor was so widespread that it was generally reported as fact, though neither Carpenter nor anyone involved with the film has confirmed it. While the parallels between Desolation and Snake are obvious, Carpenter later confirmed that the ghost of Mars never escaped Earth, saying "No, but it's a good story. I like that.

Will Kurt Russell Appear In Escape From New York's Remake?

Russell has stated in various interviews - such as this IGN chat - that he feels too old to play Snake anymore, and always imagines the gangster as a younger person. Although " The Escape from New York reboot has yet to confirm its cast, but it's doubtful Russell will reprise his role as Snake. That said, he could fill a number of other roles. In the original, western star Lee Van Cleef played the NYPD chief Hawke, who forces Snake on a rescue mission. Casting Clint Eastwood's former nemesis in that role gives Van Cleef's character meta subtext, and Russell in the remake Playing a similar character would work just as well.

Russell is also the right age to play the new Escape from the President in New York - assuming the remake follows the same basic premise. Given what Snake Plissken means to Russell, he might choose not to Show up. Escape From Earth sounds like it has the potential to be a suitable capper for a trilogy. However, aside from his remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon or directing Shane Black's Shadow Company script, it's destined to be another one. Unfinished Carpenter Movie Could be great.

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