Why Fans Keep Dropping Amber Because Love Is Blind

Amber Pike has been dividing Love is Blind fans since she first appeared on the show. Even when she's still with Barnett, fans criticize her.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are one of the few Love is Blind success stories, but that still doesn't make Amber a fan favorite. Amber and Barnett appeared on Love is Blind season 1, and fans have been divided on the pair ever since. Amber came out on the show with a distinct personality, which she went on to share on social media, which drew some criticism from her followers.

Amber and Barnett bond immediately in Love is Blind, but he also pursues a relationship with Jessica Batten in the pod. The love triangle sparked more drama when Barnett and Amber got engaged, but Jessica and Mark Cuevas also got engaged and showed up at the resort. Fans turned against the four actors for their immaturity and were shocked that Amber and Barnett ended up together. Amber's ending remains sad during the Love is Blind reunion, with both Amber and Barnett blocking Jessica on social media. Some fans had a hard time rooting for Amber and Barnett, and she is still belittled by fans today.

Fans Think Amber Uses Barnett

Although Amber and Barnett recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, some Love Is Blind fans still doubt their relationship. Some fans expressed their love for the couple while others shamed Amber when the pair shared a post from the top of Machu Picchu. “You get a man to support you financially and think it’s okay for men to lie and cheat on women as long as they’re not officially married,” one user said, possibly referring to Barnett’s relationship with Jessica. Some viewers accused Amber of being with Barnett for the money, as she ran up thousands of dollars in debt, which he paid off when they married.

Amber Makes Love Is Blind Fans Cringe

Fans loved seeing the Love is Blind cast members remain friends after the show ended, but some of Amber's fans had questions about what she posted with Season 1's Cameron Hamilton. Amber, Barnett and Cameron created a skit series called "Epic Quest" on Instagram, but not all fans are fans. One user said they "blind every time I come back here and see this", while another called Amber "so annoying" in the video.

Although some of Amber's followers criticized her, she also received a lot of love and support Love is blind fans. She and Barnett have had their ups and downs in their marriage, but they're still going strong today and seem happy together. The couple spent a year traveling the US and Peru while enjoying life at home in Georgia. Amber has come a long way since her appearance on Love is Blind, and despite the criticism, she continues to live her best life.

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