What Raquel 'Rocky' Dakota Has Been Up To Since Season 3

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota starred in season 3 of Below Deck before leaving the yachting industry. She now lives in Hawaii with her boyfriend.

Raquel "Rocky" Dakota appeared on Season 3's Below Deck and has since been busy working outside of the yachting industry. During her time working on Eros megayachts, Rocky was a polarizing figure. She brings a lot of energy to the show, sometimes putting off her fellow cast members and viewers.

Rocky managed to catch the attention of Under Deck sailor Emilie Kotze, and even had a brief spell with watermaster Eddie Lucas. While there were people on the Eros who got along well with Loki, some of her other relationships were a little more difficult. Rocky's working relationship with Eros head butler Kate Chastain isn't great, especially after she accuses Kate of firing her "best friend" Chef Leon Walker. In fact, the third stew even tried to get himself fired by taking off his underwear and jumping off the side of the yacht, swimming all the way to the other boat. Things didn't go well for Rocky, and she stayed on the yacht until the end of the season.

Rocky Left the Yachting Industry After Below Deck

The former reality star left the yachting industry shortly after Season 3 of Below Deck aired. In December 2016, Rocky decided to move to Hawaii, where she lived in college. While living in Hawaii, Rocky decided to live out her dreams and is now a surfer, competitive national diver, and a chef (from Reality Titbit). After Chef Leon leaves Eros, Rocky showcases her culinary skills on the costly Bravo series. While viewers might think Rocky's love life was a mess, she later found true love. Four years ago, Rocky began a relationship (via Distractify) with her new love, Mark.

Rocky Dakota Found Love

The couple seem to be very happy together, and they both enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, and boating. Rocky has a feud with Eddie, and her Instagram is open again, but private for a while. Internet detectives were able to see adorable photos of the couple when Rocky's account was set to private. Fans also discovered that Rocky's sister, Sophia Tiare Bartlow, was involved in a tragic car accident in 2017 while driving with then-boyfriend Sage Candeleria Car accident, unfortunately died. Rocky, who is close to Chef Leon, often shares pictures of her sister on social media, often using Position. The former stew has been outspoken about her struggles mourning her sister's death and hopes to help others who have gone through a similar situation.

Rocky begins enjoying her life in the spotlight from her season 3 Under Deck days. She didn't get the best cut on the show and was liked by many of her fellow cast members. Still, Rocky is content with his new life away from reality TV.

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