Wednesday Enid cast sounds more like Ortega's real-life Wednesday

Wednesday's Enid actress Emma Myers sounds more like Jenna Ortega's character Wednesday in real life, even though they're reversed on the Netflix show.

Wednesday star Emma Myers sounds more like Jenna Ortega's real-life titular character Wednesday Adams than her own character Enid. Miles stars as Wednesday's upbeat roommate at Nevermore Academy, who were diametrically opposed enemies before growing into close friends. While Miles has taken on a few child roles in the past, Netflix's Wednesday was her career breakthrough, and her character gained popularity for her charming relationship with her roommate.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Miles details her preparation for the role of Enid, which included a bizarre werewolf boot camp that other Wednesday cast members also attended camp. When asked if she was initially looking for the role of Wednesday, Miles was quick to dismiss that idea, saying "Wednesday didn't really come naturally to me" and that Enid fit in more easily. However, she went on to explain that while she shares Enid's positivity and optimism, her other personality traits are more similar to Wednesday's. Check out what the cast had to say below:

“I’m not a good Wednesday…Wednesday does not come naturally to me, Enid does. And I think Jenna did such a flawless job with Wednesday that if I even tried, it would be a disgrace. I’m an optimist. I think that’s one of the only things I have in common with Enid, that I’m an optimist. I don’t like wearing colorful clothes, I don’t - I’m not an extrovert. I’m an introvert.”

How Will Enid Change In Wednesday Season 2?

Ortega Miles is now on the list after she sweet-talked about her co-star on Wednesday. Compared to her on-screen counterpart, Miles seems to have little in common with Wednesday's Enid, who likes bright pastel colors and is very social. Her distinctive personality makes her relationship with Wednesday so interesting, as both girls know exactly who they are and stand their ground, causing them to clash when forced to get along.

However, Enid and Wednesday eventually discover that they are more alike than they thought, as both teenagers grow up during the season, unlock a new, supernatural part of themselves, and are able to connect with each other. Plus, Wednesday learns that there are benefits to having friends you can trust, and Enid bites harder, showing that roommates are able to become more alike when they become friends. In the recently confirmed Wednesday season 2, show creators Alfred Goff and Miles Miller tease that it will delve deeper into the titular character's relationship with her quirky, loving family and classmates .

Direction teased this season Enid and Wednesday's roles could be seen flipped, with Enid becoming darker and Wednesday trying to connect with her friends, or Enid learning more about her new powers as a werewolf while Wednesday feels cut off from her. Alternatively, Enid and Wednesday's newfound friendship could be swayed by outside forces, such as Wednesday's new stalker, putting their delicate relationship to the test. Due to their remarkable on-screen chemistry, many Wednesday fans are rooting for Enid and Wednesday to be together romantically, which could also lead to changes in how Enid and Wednesday deal with each other's new relationship. No matter what happens to Enid on Wednesday's season 2, she'll likely continue to be a fan favorite on the show, a testament to Miles' casting skills.

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