Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir Khalifa's Most Liked Instagram Images Of 2022

Too Hot To Handle's Jawahir Khalifa won season 4 alongside Nick Kici. The couple split, but fans still love checking out her Instagram grid.

Jawahir Khalifa was in a relationship with Nick Kici at the end of Too Hot To Handle season 4 and received half of the remaining $89,000 prize, so fans were curious about her Instagram and social media. The 22-year-old beauty from the Netherlands emerged as one of THTH season 4's most popular newcomers. For this reason, Jawahir's recent Instagram post of late 2022 received a lot of attention from her followers.

Prior to her rise to fame on Season 4 of "Too Hot to Handle", Jawahir gained a certain amount of attention on social media. Back then, she added stunning photos of herself, as she does now. However, her following wasn't as strong as it was after the show ended. The gorgeous reality star used to get 1-2K likes per photo, but now Jawahir gets thousands of likes per post on Instagram. Jawahir has more than 250,000 Instagram followers, many of whom wonder if she's still with Nick. The season 4 winners are no longer together, although they were a couple for a while after THTH.

Jawahir Khalifa Smolders After Too Hot To Handle

Jawahir has received many accolades for her A recent post even got positive comments from her Too Hot To Handle love interest Nick. Jawahir shared several photos showing her looking beautiful and offered advice in both English and her native language, Dutch. The post currently has 66K likes, while Nick commented with a lightbulb emoji, keeping fans alive about the once-mysterious nature of his relationship with Jawahir. "A picture is worth a thousand words," wrote Javahir's co-star Seb Melrose, while his rumored girlfriend, Kayla Richart, wrote, "Beautiful." "Like Hoops, face, fit and message," wrote one of Jawahir's new fans.

THTH Season 4 Winner Jawahir Khalifa Debuts New Hair

Jawahir enjoyed switching up her hairstyles in Too Hot To Handle, and earned praise for her style. Season 4 fans have raved about a picture the Amsterdam beauty shared on IG showing her sporting a shoulder-length bob and bangs. She tagged it as filmed in her hometown. Jawahir has received positive attention from fellow actors and fans for his gorgeous looks. "Stunned, speechless," Brittan Byrd wrote on Jawahir's photo, which currently has 74K likes. "How does it feel to carry the load as the best THTH couple ever? ” a fan asked Javahir, mentioning her relationship with Nick. ^Javahir’s most popular Instagram post to date is one with her partner and close friend Brittan. The two The two women acted very warmly - a candid conversation about the revamped season 4 Too Hot To Handle, which made many viewers realize that they are looking out for each other. They really support each other. Jawahir and Brittan are currently on a joint post of what they are wearing With 142K likes for a night out in London. Brittan opted for a petite pale pink outfit, while Jawahir looked just as stunning as her friend in a black turtleneck, according to Too Hot To Handle fans. "My favorite friendship," proclaimed one commenter.

Too Hot To Handle Stars Jawahir & Brittan Team Up

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