The Sims 4: The 10 Best Sites to Find Custom Content

These platforms, including Tumblr and YouTube, are some of the best places to find the latest and greatest custom content for The Sims 4.

Every gamer knows The Sims is an expensive franchise. Since its creation in 2014, The Sims 4 has launched 12 expansion packs, 12 game packs, 18 content packs and 17 tool packs, and the cost can quickly escalate. An alternative to splurging on each new release, however, is to seek out custom content, also known as CC, that's created by other players and shared freely across the web.

New players who have joined the Sims 4 community since the game became free in October 2022, or who have never had access to custom content and mods, may be overwhelmed wondering where to find The Sims 4 community. Life 4 CC". From Tumblr to CurseForge, there are plenty of places to find quality CC that won't break the bank.


Probably the most useful source when looking for quality custom content is Tumblr, a social media platform with a vibrant community of Sims players. Tumblr is an ideal place for mod creators and custom content creators as it allows them to post images of their creations, advertise their other platforms (like Patreon), and make friends and Valuable connections in the community. The Sims face of Tumblr even has its own nickname: Simblr.

The community is thriving, and content creators often hold special events - most notably Simblreen, an annual Halloween event that encourages users to trick-or-treat their favorite creators to earn Free exclusive CC work. Free to join and browse, Tumblr is the perfect place for new Sims 4 players to dabble in custom content and even make a friend or two. While it may be overwhelming for those with no previous experience with the site, try searching for "Sims 4 CC" in the Tumblr search bar to get started.

Llama CC Finds

If the world of Tumblr is overwhelming, certain blogs on the site are great places for new Sims 4 fans to start. One of the most important and well-known resources is Llama CC Finds, an extensive resource that has existed since The Sims 2.

This blog is updated regularly, sharing the latest and greatest CC creations from Tumblr, and uses a helpful navigation system to help players find the exact type of content they're looking for for. The blog shares a variety of content, including Maxis Match, which blends seamlessly with The Sims 4's art style, and Alpha Creations, which have a more surreal design.

Maxis Match World CC

If players prefer Maxis Match content that fits into existing content in the game, then Maxis Match World CC is the perfect Tumblr blog to browse. Much like Llama CC Finds, Maxis Match World aggregates all the content from Tumblr into one convenient, well-organized blog. The main difference is that the blog only shares Maxis Match content, which is a downside for those looking for Alpha CCs.

There is a dedicated navigation page showing the size of the CCs offered. Everything from building/buying objects to hair and accessories can be found on the blog.


Patreon is a website that allows creators of all types to build a following through memberships. In recent years, it has been adopted by those creating The Sims 4 custom content as a way to generate income, as followers can sign up for membership tiers and often pay a small fee to gain early access to their content. However, The Sims policy states that custom content and Mods can't hide behind a paywall forever, so everything posted to Patreon remains free after a certain amount of time.

Patreon is easy to use, so keeping up with quality creators is simple. The only downside is that players may need to know creators to find them on Patreon, so the platform is more of a fork of Tumblr when it comes to CC shopping.


ModTheSims is undoubtedly the old Sims platform familiar to longtime gamers. While The Sims is by no means a game that cannot be played without mods, they help enhance it, and ModTheSims, originally established in the Sims 2 days, is a community hub where creators can share their The Sims 4 creation, including mods and CC.

While ModTheSims is arguably more dated in style than recent forums and community hubs, it is still a valuable resource for The Sims 4. As the name suggests, ModTheSims is primarily for gameplay mods rather than aesthetic based CC, but players can still find quality gems on the site.


As a visual platform, Pinterest is a great place If you're looking to give your vibrant Sims a makeover, find CC, a platform many of you may already be familiar with. Finding things is easy, just searching for "Sims 4 CC" returns thousands of results. It also has the added bonus of allowing users to organize custom content into different boards - so a personal board of everything from hair to shoes can be compiled for later use.

The only downside is that since the content is reposted from other sites like Tumblr, users may go on a frenzy after linking to content that may no longer exist or be supported by its original creator. Some investigation may be involved, but Pinterest should only consider its organizational options.

The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource (TSR) is another thriving community of Sims 4 custom content and mod creators. Despite its controversial membership options, it's still a valuable resource for those willing to wade through a few ads to retrieve the content they want.

TSR is home to some of the most impressive creators in the community, showcasing everything from CC brows and nails to clothing sets and cars. The site can be overwhelming At first, some features are locked to non-members, but it quickly becomes clear how to navigate the site to get the most out of it.


Similar to the previously discussed Tumblr blog, only hosted on a separate site, is Sims4Updates. It functions in much the same way as Llama CC Finds and Maxis Match World, giving players an exciting array of CCs to browse.

However, the downside of the site is that it is full of advertisements that sometimes get in the way of the experience. However, this is another great resource worth browsing when looking for new CCs to spice up your Sims' look or furnish their brand new mansion after their latest get-rich-quick scheme.

SimTuber Recommendations

The Sims also has a thriving community on YouTube. There are some great Sims 4 YouTubers, also known as SimTubers, that are well worth following for those looking for new custom content. Big name SimTubers like Elliandra and Vixella regularly produce custom content showcases and CC shopping videos with links to their work.

Buying CC via YouTube is a great place to start, as players not only get a link to everything, but they can see how it looks in-game without having to Go through the hassle of downloading and adding it to your own mods folder.


Posted by The Sims team themselves, The Sims 4 also has a dedicated page on Overwolf's CurseForge platform. It's billed as the "Official Mod Center" for The Sims 4 and is a great place for players to find new CCs and mods.

While perhaps not as well-known as other CC marketplaces, CursedForge is a place to find all of The Sims 4's biggest and best creators in one place. While not solely dedicated to CC, a lot of great custom content can be found on the platform, it helps foster a sense of community through dedicated social media pages, and there's even a Discord server for fans to discuss mods, CC, and games Big.

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