The Real Housewives: Every Girl Trip in 2022 (Where and Circumstances)

The girls of Real Housewives have had a legendary tour, and 2022 is the most dramatic year yet.

The Real Housewives is gearing up for Season 3 of The Ultimate Girls Trip, as fans await a casting announcement that will bring together franchise favorites while traveling. The girls' trips from everywhere have become a big marker of what's coming each season, and often include some of the biggest fights of the year, and 2022 is no exception.

This tour, which shows the highs and lows of the various actors, tests their friendship more than ever. But they also show how these women came together unexpectedly, some with moments of connection that healed friendships that fans thought were irretrievable.

RHOBH - Aspen, Colorado

Erika and Kathy's Meltdowns

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill had some scene-stealing moments. The biggest topic of conversation was the trip to Aspen, which was supposed to be a lavish vacation and ski trip that quickly turned into a disaster. The trip marks the beginning of Kyle and Casey losing the bond they've been trying to rebuild since last season, and starting to speculate on the show because the cameras weren't around when Casey yelled at Lisalina about Kyle and the rest of the cast.

Erika continues When Crystal and Garcelle share their thoughts on her earrings, she gets defensive, which could be evidence in her fraud case. Overall, the trip was more about brawling than R&R like Kyle was planning.

RHSLC- Phoenix, Arizona

Old Feuds Continue & New Ones Ignite

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City began traveling at the beginning of the year, but the ladies were unable to travel overseas due to travel restrictions for Jen throughout the season.

The trip started out as a healing experience led by Whitney in hopes that all the women would have fun, but the drama exploded when the conflict from last season was brought up. Meredith and Lisa feuded as rumors about Lisa surfaced, and Heather turned to Whitney after being best friends with her for years. This started a season-long feud that is still ongoing.

RHSLC- San Diego, California

Heather's Black Eye And Jen Turns On Angie K.

San Diego was supposed to be a relaxing and fun trip for the Ladies of Salt Lake City, but it quickly became the scene of some of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3's best storylines. Between Jen attacking Angie K. and splitting the house over what they believe to be the rights to Heather's mysterious dark eye, the trip Turned into as much disaster as the trip to Arizona.

As Heather and Whitney battled more seriously than before while on the road, their friendship may have ended forever. But Jen and Angie have made up for the time being, which bodes well for Jen as she enters one of the most stressful times of her life.

RHOP — Miami, Florida

Wendy Vs. Mia And Candiace Vs. Everyone

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac had some of the best storylines in the series, with the girls' trip to Miami being one of the funniest. From the start, it's clear that the ladies are unhappy with their stay and don't think Mia is planning a trip for Karen. If that wasn't enough, Wendy and Mia have an argument at dinner on the first night, with everyone taking sides, nearly causing some of the women to go home early.

The plot about Robin was hotly debated when she revealed that Candice yelled at other women online, annoying everyone. This will only further exacerbate the rift that already exists in the group and is sure to resurface later in the season.

RHOM- Key West, Florida

Lisa Drops A Bombshell; Alexia Starts A Fight

Ladies are only a few hours away from home Some people in Miami fly to Key West on Nicole's private jet, planning a relaxing weekend away, but plans are quickly derailed when Lisa drops a bombshell: Lenny is openly having an affair.

The women quickly rallied around Lisa, offering everything they could, from advice to plans on how to get back, making Lisa feel she was not alone. Lisa comes home early and the group panics, causing some of the women to fight and start a new rift.

RHOA- New York, New York

Kandy's Jokes And Shereé's Heartbreak

The trip to New York was a girls' trip that turned into a couples trip for Atlanta actors, which puts Kenya in a bad position as she is the only one without a partner besides Shereé, who is waiting for her boyfriend come back to her. The trip was quick and gave everyone a chance to support Kandy as a playwright.

However, this also made some people uncomfortable because they felt Kandy took her jokes too far. Despite some drama in the group, it was all overshadowed when Shereé ended her relationship by standing up while dating.

RHOA- Kingston, Jamaica

Fights Every Night, Drew Getting Hurt

RHOA Jamaica trip should be a fun dive The actors and their significant other integrated into Sanya's culture, but it quickly became a mess, as Drew was injured and unable to participate in many activities, leaving her feeling excluded.

On the other hand, Sanya and her husband have some work assignments that actors want to attend, but when they are late, they are left out, which makes them feel slighted. Ultimately, Island Run turns into everyone taking out their grievances on everyone else.

RHOC- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Noella And Heather Continue To Fight

As the group's planner, Heather organized a trip to Cabo San Lucas for everyone except Noella, who was not invited until Gina asked Heather to invite her despite their feud . Compared to other locations, the trip seemed unremarkable and the ladies were free to go about their business and do what they wanted when they wanted.

This didn't last long, as Noella and Heather got into an argument over a gift from Noella to Heather's daughter. Noella seemed to antagonize most people during the trip, which made the host very uncomfortable and ended up making everyone lisp.

RHOC- Aspen, Colorado

Everyone Fights

Like their California counterparts, OC ladies fly to Aspen A cold-weather getaway will cool the tempers of the Cabo trip that's still simmering beneath the surface. Despite Emily's hopes that the trip would be peaceful, a feud is raised at dinner, and Heather tries to take over as host despite Emily putting the trip together.

Overall, the trip continued the path paved in Mexico and pushed the boundaries of everyone's friendship, and solidified the perception that Noella and Heather weren't going to see eye to eye anytime soon.

RHOD- Nuari Island, Abu Dubai

Chanel And Caroline Feud

Nuari was supposed to be an island getaway for the ladies of Dubai and celebrate Caroline Stanbury's status as newlyweds, but this did not bode well for Sergio, who argued that This tour will include him. After everyone settled down, it seemed that all old grievances were put aside, and they concentrated on enjoying the magnificent scenery here.

This didn't last until dinner, when Chanel and Caroline bickered over everything from their work ethic to making money to how dependent they were on their husbands. Overall, the trip left everyone emotionally drained instead of restoring them as expected.

RHONJ- Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Questions About Louie Linger

With temperatures rising in Jersey, a seaside trip might seem like a good idea, but Of course, it wouldn't be The Real Housewives of New Jersey without some iconic feuds. As they discuss the rumors surrounding her fiancé, Teresa feels slighted by the group and is ready to call out anyone who thinks they are real instead of coming to her and Louie.

The entire journey is dominated by controversy about Louis. This caused the group to be even more divided than before, as Teresa and Melissa continued their feud that lasted all season.

RHONJ - Nashville

Margaret And Teresa Have A Showdown

Teresa and Margaret were already working through tensions between them as they traveled south with the other ladies, but it all came to a head when everyone was supposed to be having fun learning to line dance. The feud has been bubbling on the surface since the Jersey Shore trip, and viewers know it's only a matter of time before they square off again.

Every day of the trip, Teresa and Margaret find some conflict, which eventually drives the team apart as everyone takes sides.

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