The new Indiana Jones game already sounds better than Destiny Dial

Indiana Jones and Wheel of Fortune will bring back Harrison Ford as the iconic archaeologist, but Bethesda's upcoming Indy game is even better.

While little is known about the project, Bethesda's new Indiana Jones game is already more exciting than the upcoming Indiana Jones and Wheel of Fortune films. The beloved series has taken fans on archaeological adventures since 1981, and Harrison Ford is best known as the titular hero. Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Wheel of Fortune will lead aging Indy on what may be his last adventure, but Bethesda's Raiders of the Lost Ark game has even more potential.

Raiders of the Lost Ark game for Bethesda, MachineGames, and Lucasfilm announced in early 2021 and currently in production. While not much is known about this exciting project, Wolfenstein developer MachineGames has proven its proficiency in fast-paced action set against the backdrop of World War II. A public trailer for the game suggests it will be set in Rome in 1937, placing the project between Indiana Jones and its sequel, The Last Crusade. It's unclear if Harrison Ford will return to voice the iconic adventurer, or if a new actor will step in to play a younger version of Indy.

The Indiana Jones Game Will Feature Indy In His Prime

While details are scant, MachineGames' new Indiana Jones adventure is more exciting than Dial of Destiny. one Bethesda's Indiana Jones game was recently released by industry icon Todd Howard, and an interesting update suggests the game will feature innovative gameplay and will be a love letter to the beloved series. While Raiders of the Lost Ark and Wheel of Fortune will depict an aging Indy in the 1960s, the video game could set new adventures with a young Indy in the franchise's iconic 1930s setting. The franchise thrives on mundane adventures set in World War II, a game that immerses players in the kind of fantasy that Touch of Destiny failed to provide.

Harrison Ford May Not Appear In The Indiana Jones Game

While embodying a young Indiana Jones is more appealing than watching an older version of the beloved hero, it is unclear whether Harrison Ford will voice Indiana Jones in the MachineGames project. The role of Indiana Jones is inextricably linked to the iconic Star Wars and Blade Runner star, so his vengeance may give the dial of fate a place in MachineGames' interactive installment. With the fifth film in the series being billed as Ford's final performance as Indy, it seems unlikely that the actor will return to the Bethesda game. However, if Ford does give a voice to the project, it will solidify video games as a The most faithful Indiana Jones project of the modern era.

Bethesda and MachineGames' Indiana Jones project is very exciting and has the potential to be an even better franchise than the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The upcoming game will take players on a classic archaeological adventure from the 1930s, rather than the old Indy of the 1960s. While the Raiders of the Lost Ark game's release date will likely come after Raiders of the Lost Ark and Wheel of Fortune, experiencing an authentic and interactive Indy experience should be worth the wait.

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