The Most Shocking Survivor Tribal Council Mistakes of 2022

2022 featured several shocking Tribal Council moments among Survivors, most of which took place before the vote was read.

2022 offers Survivor fans plenty of shocking tribal council on the show. Seasons 42 and 43 of Survivor had unexpected blind spots. However, the power of the tribal council rests entirely on its conclusions, since the debate before and after the vote carries equal weight.

Regarding the survivors, a group of "New Age" advantages, collective bigotry and loss of voting rights contributed to this year's Supreme Tribal Council. Also, there are hints of "old school" survivor shock values. They included a shocking betrayal, a deadlocked vote, and the jury's signature reaction. Here are some of the most egregious missteps from the 2022 Survivor Tribal Council.

Blindside of Lydia Meredith

In Survivor 42, Lydia Meredith was rejected in a combined vote prior to the jury stage. Speaking to EW, the 22-year-old actress said she was "totally" caught off guard. She was initially immune, but thanks to a creative but controversial twist by Survivor Hourglass, her shield fell off and she found herself scrambling to make sure she wasn't targeted. At first, eventual winner Maryanne Oketch and castaway Jonathan Young were in an awkward position. However, when the victim, Omar Zaheer, asked Lydia who she wanted to leave behind, Lydia did not want to name specific names, replying that she Open to anyone. Interestingly, Omar took the opportunity to tell Lydia's allies that she was willing to sacrifice "anyone," leading to her shocking vote.

Deadlock Between Lydia Meredith and Jenny Kim

Earlier in the same season, the Vesi Tribe, Chanelle Howell, Daniel Strunk, Hai Giang, Mike Turner, Jenny Kim, and Lydia entered the third tribal council with different expectations. Mike loses votes, and Jenny and Lydia are at risk. Unbeknownst to Chanelle's tribe members, she also lost her survivor vote before the tribe. As a result, the swing vote seems to be Chanel and Daniel. With just four people, the initial vote and re-vote deadlocked, leaving a frustrated Daniel to lash out at Chanel. Hai refused to lay hands on Lydia, and Daniel didn't want to be swayed. As a result, the helpless Jenny's flashlight was extinguished. The ensuing fallout put a target on Daniel and Chanel's backs, ultimately resulting in their respective eliminations.

Jeanine Zheng's Lost Immunity Idol

Survivor 43 just finished its run with its fair share of appalling tribal councils. However, fans got most of the shock before Jeff Probst extinguished all the torches. In the hours leading up to the 7th Tribal Council, players hear about outcast James Jones Discover the notorious survivor's "knowledge is power" turning point, allowing him to steal the advantage of others. This leads to outcast Jenny Cheng transferring her hidden immunity idol to her ally Dwight Moore. At the tribal council, Dwight starts to get votes, and Jenny, anticipating the worst, motions for Dwight to give him back his idol. Without her knowledge, Dwight gave it to his former tribal partner, Jesse Lopez. After Dwight's torch goes out, Jenny believes he has left with it. Jenny, who sat next to the jury, was visibly shocked when Jesse unveiled it in The Last Five Tribes.

Jesse Lopez's Betrayal of Cody Assenmacher

However, the final six tribal councils featuring Jesse's betrayal of Cody Asenmacher were arguably the most shocking of the year. According to Universal, Cody trusted Jesse completely and hatched an elaborate plan to get rid of his target, Carla Cruz. First, he tells Jesse how he plans to trick Kara into thinking she's safe so she doesn't act as her hidden immune idol. Then, thinking he has the votes, he tries to bolster Kara's false sense of security by handing over his hidden idol of immunity to Jesse. However, Jesse was one step ahead and devised a similar plan to counter the Cody. His erstwhile ally was visibly shocked when Jesse came forward to Owen for playing Cody's idol. With the help of remaining players Cassidy Clarke, Mike Gabler and Irving, Jesse's plan worked and Cody was eliminated.

Maryanne Oketch's Extra Vote

The most symbolic shock value for 2022 comes from Maryanne in the final six tribal councils of Survivor Season 42. With endgame looming, the 23-year-old decided she had to make a big move. In her own words, she needs to prove that she is "not a goat to be slaughtered" and deserves to be a winner. With the help of allies Mike and Jonathan, she hatched a plan to use her extra vote to knock out front-runner Omar 3-2-2. At the tribe, Omar said he was confident in his safety. Her plan worked, and Omar was overruled. The tribal council marked the first time an extra voting margin decided the outcome. Maryanne won Survivor 42 thanks to her plan to eliminate Omar and her impressive final Horde performance. In an interview with Parade, Omar said he had no idea Marianne was plotting against him.

Overall, 2022 held a notable Survivor Tribal Council that many viewers watched. these moments in This series will always be remembered in the distant future. Fans of the show can expect many similar moments from the upcoming two seasons of Survivor in 2022. ^More: Why Survivors Need More Diversity in Challenges ^Sources: EW, Global TV, March

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