The Missing Green Yoshi From Super Mario Bros Is Actually A Big Movie Hint

Oddly, the most famous version of Yoshi wasn't featured in the Super Mario Bros. trailer. That's what this movie is about.

Confirming that Yoshi's Super Mario Bros. movie - but not the Green one - is actually a huge story hint. Along with Mario and Donkey Kong, the friendly fruit-eating dinosaur is a classic video game icon and the protagonist of his own series. Exactly how he will appear in the animated film is unknown, but it's no secret that he'll be involved in Mario's upcoming adventures for now.

Marketing for the 2023 film identified many key Mario characters related to the Mushroom Kingdom. Among them is Yoshi, who makes a brief appearance in the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer. In fact, multiple species of him have been seen running together in packs that may or may not be where Yoshi's Island was filmed in the film. This portrayal of the characters is in keeping with the spirit of the game, where countless Yoshis populate Mario's world. In the franchise, there is a Yoshi of each main color, but in most Nintendo games, green is used as the default playable version of the character.

Where Is The Green Yoshi?

Blue, red, black, pink and yellow Yoshis are included in Super Mario Bros. movie trailer, but couldn't find a single green one in the crowd shots. Theoretically, the absence of any green Yoshis in this scene is purely coincidental, but it's highly unlikely. Since Green Yoshi is the most popular and high-profile version of the character, his exclusion is likely intentional, and Green Yoshi may have lived elsewhere on the island before being discovered (or accidentally hatched) during the events of the movie . This approach makes sense, especially if there is a plan for Yoshi to be used as a single character with a special role in the story.

There are hundreds of Yoshis, which is why it can be challenging to create an identity for one in particular and make them their own character in the new Mario movie. By making green a unique color for the species, the Super Mario Bros. movie could help him stand out from the crowd. Giving at least one Yoshis a sense of personality is probably the only way to represent them as characters, rather than just roaming around Mario universe.

Will Mario Ride Yoshi In The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Given his history in the series, it's highly likely that Yoshi joins the adventure and helps Mario, Peach, and everyone else defeat Bowser by the end of the film. If that happens, there should be at least one chance for him to emulate his video game counterpart and take Mario into battle. With the Super Mario Bros. movie bringing to life so many recognizable items, locations, and monsters from the Mario franchise, it's hard to imagine the movie not including such a sprawling staple of the classic game.

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