The Coolest Wearables of CES 2023

After a year that has seen some of the biggest, most advanced smartwatches debut, the wearables at CES 2023 will impress for their simplicity.

The first truly personal CES show in three years has highlighted a number of cool wearable tech gadgets, but a somewhat surprising trend has been spotted among the most eye-catching wearables at the annual trade show. A year after Apple and Garmin competed to make the biggest and most powerful smartwatches, brands at CES 2023 were working in the opposite direction, trying to impress consumers. Realizing that technology has become oversaturated in many people's lives, wearable tech makers are touting products that deliver compelling health features in minimalist and simplistic form factors.

The most impressive wearable tech offerings at CES 2023 came from names both familiar and fresh in the industry, like Motorola and Movano Health. Although CES is a forward-looking event, and the technology on display may never reach actual consumers, many of these wearables are available to buy or pre-order. That means for buyers looking to buy wearables from smart rings to smartwatches, a new product unveiled at CES 2023 could be a good fit.

Evie Smart Ring

The selling point of any smart ring is its low-profile profile and comfortable fit, making wearable technology accessible to those who don't want to wear it Wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker. But healthcare solutions company Movano Health is creating the Evie Ring, which is much more than that. The device is designed specifically for women to gain insights into their daily health by analyzing data that can be viewed through a mobile app. The long list of data points includes heart rate tracking, period and ovulation tracking, blood oxygen tracking, and other metrics. Like the Oura Ring, the Evie Ring is a sleek device that looks more like a piece of jewelry than a health wearable. Movano Health is seeking official approval from the Food and Drug Administration to demonstrate the health properties of the product.

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition

The competition in the Android-based smartwatch space is fierce, and Fossil's latest offering is a smartwatch for mechanical watch lovers. It has a digital display that shows typical smartwatch information like the weather and the wearer's heart rate, but it's far from your typical smartwatch. The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition's mechanical hands function like a vintage watch, with fixed outer dials matching its case. After no major releases in 2022, Fossil is back strong with its latest offering. and It starts at just $229, making it one of the most affordable and easy-to-use smartwatches on the market.

Citizen CZ Smart Sport & Casual

For those who aren't too keen on Fossil's latest offering, perhaps a smartwatch from heritage watchmaker Citizen will impress. The Citizen CZ Smart product line is divided into two categories – sports and leisure smartwatches. Both of these products are interesting because they have the exact same style as Citizen mechanical watches. The significant difference, of course, is that the Citizen CZ Smart device is actually a digital device and runs on the CZ Smart YouQ software. The smartwatch captures information such as alarm scores, sleep patterns, activity, heart rate monitoring, and other key data points and presents them through "Power Fixes." Starting at $350, buyers pay for the Citizen branding when they select CZ Smart products.

Moto Watch 100

The Moto Watch 100 isn't the flashiest smartwatch with the latest technology. Instead, it's a solid smartwatch centered around its value proposition. In that regard, it's one of the best smartwatches on the market. The Moto Watch 100 is just $99 with an always-on display, up to two weeks of battery life and 5ATM waterproof level. For fitness and health tracking, there are 26 exercise modes, onboard GPS tracking, and a companion mobile app. Buyers won't find a better value-for-money smartwatch than the Moto Watch 100.


The Nowatch—pronounced "now-watch", not "no-watch"—is a fitness tracker for those who strive to live in the moment. It has the features users expect from a modern fitness tracker, but There's one notable exception: the display. Nowatch replaces the typical touchscreen with a set of "discs", no regular screen. There are interchangeable stainless steel discs and discs set with ancient natural stones, making the Nowatch more of a chic bracelet than a digital fitness tracker. As CES 2023 proved, smart devices can deliver critical insights while remaining minimal and understated.

Oxa Life

CES 2023 showcased the Oxa, a breathing wearable device in the Kickstarter stage, to the audience. The wearable device aims to provide a more immersive health experience by providing real-time data analysis. The Oxa sensor attaches to an Oxa shirt or Oxa bra so that the sensor fits snugly against the wearer's body. Oxa focuses on three key indicators: respiratory monitoring, heart monitoring and skin temperature monitoring. guide Workouts, audio and visual experiences, and the Oxa Life companion app enable consumers to take into account current health factors. This is a far cry from the retrospective approach taken by most wearable devices, which can provide insight into a person's physical and mental health.

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