The Boys Spin-off Fifth Generation Gets Very Wide Release Date Teased

The Boys' first spinoff, Generation Five, got a hilariously broad tease of a 2023 release date on social media, leaving fans guessing when it might arrive.

Prime Video has a pretty broad release date teaser for The Boys spinoff show Gen V. The success of the main series based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darek Robertson allowed the anchor to move forward with plans to expand the "Boys" franchise. A fourth season is currently in production, but viewers will next get to see the first season of Generation Five, the college-based spinoff following a young Supes trying to join the Seven. The series focuses on a whole new set of characters, though some familiar faces from The Boys are also confirmed to appear.

After The Boys season 3 secretly set up a spin-off, the gory adult show is confirmed for a 2023 release. However, Prime Video did not provide a specific time when subscribers will be able to start watching the series. To ring in the new year, the official Gen V Twitter account gave viewers the widest possible release date possible. The account hilariously teased The Boys fans with the news that Gen V will be released sometime before December 31, 2023. Check out the tweet below:

Did The Boys Twitter Secretly Confirm Gen V's Release Date?

This very vague tease about when The Boys spinoff will release may contain some important info, However, as the speculation turns to tweets that actually provide the necessary information. The Gen V account first tweeted that 2023 is "our favorite set of numbers," reconfirming that the series is expected to release sometime this year. The joke that The Boys spin-off show will appear sometime between now and December 31st isn't particularly helpful, but the tweets that pop up in between probably are. In response to the initial tweet calling 2023 its favorite number, the account said, "Except seven! Except seven."

It is possible that the Gen V release date was revealed via this follow-up tweet, and viewers can expect a split. Demolition will come on July 7, 2023. The reasoning behind this interpretation is that the first mention of seven (7) would be connected to July (the seventh month of the year), while repetitions of seven refer to a day of the month. To make the case even more compelling, July 7, 2023 happens to be Friday, the day of the week that Prime Video traditionally releases new episodes of The Boys and other major shows.

If the Gen V release date is Viewers will have to wait almost a full year from the end of The Boys season 3, July 7, 2023. Season 3 Prime Video's stellar summer run may also have influenced the decision to release Gen V in a similar time frame. And, if the past is any indication, the simultaneous drop of the first three episodes should also be expected. Only time will tell if these tweets did indeed secretly reveal a release date for The Boys spinoff, but Gen V shouldn't be too far away anyway.

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