The Best Survivor Moments of 2022

Survivor 43 has a fun cast of castaways, which makes for an entertaining season. This season has had challenging comebacks and crazy turnovers.

Some viewers were disappointed with Survivor season 42 and worried that season 43 would suffer the same fate, but there were several incredible moments to watch. As viewers are transported back to scenic Fiji, another group of victims compete to win $1 million and the title of "Sole Survivor." This season's focus on strategy, cunning blind spots, and exciting challenges has won fans over, but some moments stand out from others.

Survivor 43 has received some criticism, as many fans are still tired of the heavy use of advantages, especially with "beware of advantages" reemerging. One difference from last season is that the hourglass twist that would have led to Erika Casupanan winning the entire previous season will no longer be in play. The vote-stealing and immunity idol, while hard to track down, did lead to some exciting tribal councils that fans couldn't get enough of.

3. The Last Gasp

It's hard to shock Jeff Probst after 20 years on Survivor, but two contestants did it in one of the show's toughest challenges. The "Last Breath" challenge is mental and physical, as contestants must Lying in the water under the cage at high tide causes the water level to rise steadily. This challenge has only come up a few times with a clear winner each time, but Season 43 has Karla Cruz Godoy and Owen Knight changing that. They lasted almost three hours in the water as the tide receded, leading to the shocking moment they both gained immunity, as seen on Survivor's YouTube channel.

2. Survivor 43's Wild Blindside

Blind spots are part of Survivor's nature, and Season 43 has no shortage of blind spots, as shown on Survivor Fans' YouTube channel. The best moment was also one of the worst, as it resulted in the elimination of fan favorite Cody Assenmacher. Jesse Lopez and Cody have a tight alliance, but Jesse's mindless attack on Cody at the Tribal Council was a shocking moment, not least because he used Cody's idols to do so. This gets crazier because he makes Kara waste her idol too.

1. Noelle's Challenge Comeback

Noelle Lambert was a US Paralympic athlete who lost her leg in an accident, but that didn't stop her from being a threat to survivors. Although she was eventually voted down, Noel was one of the The biggest comeback in Survivor history in one rewarding challenge. Unlike the other victims, she struggled across the balance beam with a prosthetic leg. Everyone else has gone through and is throwing their bags onto a small raised platform, but Noelle isn't giving up. She eventually made it across the platform, already in tears of frustration, as the first bag she threw hit the mark, giving her the win. When both her fellow victims and Jeff show their support, the scene transcends Survivor's Game, making it a standout moment of the season.

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