The best changes in The Witcher 3's next-gen update are the ones you might not have noticed

The next-gen update for The Witcher 3 adds some small changes that should improve the player experience, especially late in the game.

The next-gen update for The Witcher 3 brings a lot of big changes, but some of the best changes may not be so obvious to players. Despite the title's accolades and awards, it has several minor inconveniences that can become a major source of late-game frustration. CD Projekt Red decided to fix some of these issues as minor gameplay changes in order to give players a smooth experience when playing The Witcher 3.

The next-gen update adds several major improvements to The Witcher 3, such as better graphics, new camera angles, map filters, and quick symbol casting. The developers also thought it appropriate to include Henry Cavill's dog in The Witcher 3 as an Easter egg, which players can encounter after completing the new side quest "Shadow of the Eternal Flame." These upgrades, along with numerous bug fixes, improve The Witcher 3's replayability. This update is likely to be the last major update the game will receive, as CD Projekt Red has to focus on several upcoming titles, including three titles set in the Witcher universe.

Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update - Geralt No Longer Suffers Fall Damage From Small Heights

Geralt is a witcher capable of superhuman feats, but he somehow cannot A small height, causing the community to create a bunch of memes to make fun of this inconsistency. The Witcher 3 update addressed this by greatly reducing fall damage, allowing players to jump from taller structures. That doesn't mean players can jump off the top of Kaer Morhen and survive, but at least Geralt won't die from falling off the roof.

Players Can Pick Up Herbs More Easily After The Witcher 3's Next-Gen Update

The Witcher 3 next-gen update also made it easier for players to loot herbs and flowers. Before the update, players need to open a small menu to confirm whether they want to pick items. Thankfully, the developers have removed unnecessary steps, allowing Geralt to collect alchemy materials while running, making the activity less tedious.

Another minor issue fixed in The Witcher 3 update was an NPC issue where multiple clones could appear during crowded cutscenes and ruin the player's immersion. This update ensures that each NPC is unique, rather than having the same character appearing as several people wearing different clothes. The next-generation update has become an important addition to "The Witcher 3", not only for major improvements, such as ray tracing mode, But also for small gameplay and quality of life changes, like reduced fall damage and a smoother looting experience.

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