The 2022 Game Red Hood that fans have been waiting for

Jason Todd reinvented the character for the first time in a long time during 2022's Red Hood and grew naturally.

For a long time, Red Hood has lacked any real character upgrades, which is ironic for a character who has undergone one of the most impressive character upgrades in all of DC comics. Jason Todd went from being the most rebellious Robin in Batman defined by a tragic murder, to being a badass rogue anti-hero, and in the process managed to pull himself out of the shadow of the Bat-family . The problem is, over the years, Jason Todd hasn't grown beyond the level of his original "Under the Hood" arc back in DC.

Jason came back from the grave as a bitter and angry man, and it's understandable that he struggled to get people in, but Red Hood seldom completely escapes that mindset. He took a few steps here and there, most notably while leading the Outlaws, but for some reason, DC seemed unwilling to change his status quo, which stalled his character development and left He's always been an angry, bitter rebel. In the most drastic change in recent memory, he quits his guns to end 2021 in favor of more non-lethal methods of warding off criminals.

2022 Was Natural Progression for Jason Todd

While his characterization is largely intact, it puts the character on a steady path to its next natural progression, setting the stage for 2022, which is proving to be a big year for Jason Todd's character evolution. To say the Red Hood has suffered in 2022 would be an understatement. This year, Jason leads Task Force Z and accidentally fakes his own death.

For many years, the Red Hood was a character who let his anger and mistrust of people push them away, and he didn't believe in his own abilities. The Red Hood is often portrayed as a lost soul who interprets every bad thing that happens to him as a just punishment for his arrogant man, blaming himself at every step, thinking he's an unworthy saving bad guy. His time with Task Force Z put him in situations that gradually helped him develop a level of confidence in himself. Not only did he finally come to believe in his ability to do good, but that he was a good person.

2022 is a big year for the character of the Red Hood, but it has Based on Red Hood's role in Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, it seems like DC is leaning on him once again to return to his usual form. Here, readers can watch Jason revert to some of his worst habits. He didn't go so far that he couldn't recover, but it would be a shocking thing, character-wise, if DC brought Jason Todd back to his roots again after what has been such a landmark year for him. people disappointed. 2022 is a fresh start for the Red Hood, and hopefully 2023 will continue to fill him out and refresh him.

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