The 10 Most Immersive Horror Video Games, Ranked

Good horror video games are scary enough, but some are even scarier because they put the player in the middle of the action.

Horror games are the best choice for gamers to get their hearts pumped. Whether surviving a zombie apocalypse in Resident Evil or hunting down helpless victims in Dead by Daylight, any horror fan will be looking for the scariest video games to have fun with.

The best horror movies up their fear factor by providing an immersive gaming experience that makes the player feel as action-packed and scary as possible. The more immersive the game, the scarier it is.

Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight's ability to immerse the player may be limited by the perks and abilities shown on the on-screen HUD, but the game makes up for this through its gameplay mechanics.

The game lets people play both sides of a horror movie perspective, either as a survivor escaping a killer, or as a killer chasing the survivor. The Survivor side is played from a first-person perspective, while the Killer side is played from a first-person perspective for even more immersion. And, while the game itself is mostly tame when it comes to scares, players can use a number of different builds on the killer, giving survivors incredible jumps panic.

Dead Space

Dead Space is one of the scariest survival horror games, thanks in no small part to how immersive the player is while playing. Due to the graphics inside and the small, confined spaces of the setting, it creates an even greater sense of dread for players as they crawl around trying to survive the monsters that roam with them.

While the game's third-person perspective does mean that the player doesn't see everything through Isaac Clarke's eyes, that doesn't spoil the horror aspect of the game, or the immersive nature that makes this game so scary.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the scariest areas in the entire series, which only adds to the immersive horror that many games in the series deliver. Players must sneak around the old house while avoiding monsters and members of the Baker family in order to survive.

The game is full of eerie atmosphere and frightening graphics, and jump scares can occur at any time. Not only that, thanks to the game's first-person perspective, the game makes players feel like they are Those in the house, add another layer of immersive horror to their experience.

Alice: Madness Returns

While not exactly a horror game, Alice: Madness Returns is still scary enough that it's only amplified when you're there. When players take control of Alice, they face a dark, twisted wonderland.

It all looks creepy, and the line between reality and fantasy is blurred, as Alice often transitions from Wonderland back to the real world, adding to the game's immersion. While the third-person perspective does take away some of the horror, the game is still pretty scary, albeit not quite a horror game.

Five Nights At Freddy's: Help Wanted

While the Five Nights at Freddy's series is full of immersive horror games, Wanted doubles down on the immersive potential by making it a VR game.

While the game is only made up of multiple smaller mini-games, the fact that it's a VR game gives it an extra immersive feel, making it all the more terrifying, especially the jump when defeated The mechanism is still there. Only this time, the jump kill happens right in front of the player's eyes, making it even more terrifying and Gives the player that extra layer of fear that horror fans always want to feel when playing this type of game.


P.T. is short, but contains one of the biggest and best jump scares in horror games, and in its spooky atmosphere is a game that immerses players in horror quickly and easily. Due to the game's narrow scope and eerie sound design and graphics, it's easy to feel suspense and dread as players roam the halls

Behind every corner there could be a jump scare waiting to happen. Adding to the immersion is the fact that the player doesn't even know what their character looks like until the very end, which gives the game the added feeling that the player is themselves the character trying to avoid the unstoppable malevolent spirit that's hunting them down.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The fact that Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the best stealth horror games out there only adds to its immersive capabilities and potential. Adding even more immersion to this dark, depressing game is the fact that players must try to stay sane while exploring the game.

With all the scary monsters and jump scares, that's hard to do. Not only that, players can't Fight the terrifying creatures that roam the game, forcing them to hide and pray they won't be found and forced to start over at the last checkpoint again.

Alien: Isolation

Fighting the fearsome aliens of the Alien series is scary enough, but trying to survive them in Alien: Isolation brings a whole new level of immersive gameplay. Just like in the movie, the game is based entirely on evasion rather than combat.

To ensure that the player is not taken out of the game or simply kills the Xenomorph, the weapons available are insufficient to kill it. This forces players to hide rather than fight, adding another layer of immersive gameplay as they struggle to survive on the space station. After all, no one really tries to fight a Xenomorph one-on-one unless absolutely necessary - especially if it can't be killed.


Outlast is a terrifying nightmare game where threats come from every direction. But there's a simple concept here that makes the game more immersive and terrifying: the lack of a health bar.

Most games, even horror ones, include a health bar to let the player know How many more blows can they take. However, Outlast has no health bar, and the player has no way to fight back against monsters. This immersive mechanic makes the game feel more like the player in the game, crawling around an isolated mental institution, avoiding horrific patients who try to kill everyone and everything.


Visage is a horror game filled with traumatic and horrific themes and imagery. Even more frightening is the game's immersion, which puts the player front and center.

Given the isolated nature of the game's setting, and the supernatural entities that roam the house, many have compared it to P.T. In terms of concept and horror level.

The sanity-draining events happening around the house are both scary and realistic, including a spirit that would cause the player instant death if caught. It's a scary thing to go through, and the immersion of the experience only makes it worse.

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