The 10 Best TV Shows Like The Cleaning Ladies

There's no better crime drama than The Cleaning Ladies, but these sorts of electronic TV shows will satisfy fans' hunger for more content.

“The Cleaning Ladies” expresses the art of treading gray areas better than most contemporary crime dramas, which is why the Fox series took off immediately after its premiere. With such a large cast and a lot of action in each episode, the creators managed to create the perfect balance between intense action and emotional storylines, making the show irresistible.

Due to the diverse cast, the characters, especially Tony and Arman, have strong chemistry, making the action seem more natural. Thony De La Rosa's maternal instincts and ability to navigate the world of gangsters, while upholding her moral standards, remain at the heart of the show. There are other shows here that anyone who likes the heat and vibrato of this show will love.

Who Killed Sara? (2021-2022)

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This Mexican thriller follows Alex Guzman, after being framed and serving 18 years in prison for murder, as he tries to clear himself of the crimes that will kill his sister Sara struggle for justice. His first suspects are the wealthy Lazcano family, though he later realizes that his sister's apparent death involves darker forces more powerful than he initially imagined. like justice in the cleaning lady Killing Sara may come at the expense of conscience.

It has more plot twists than The Cleaning Ladies, and it's nearly impossible to predict character allegiances, making it a more interesting gray area. "Who Killed Sarah" addresses the vulnerability of low-income families to exploitation by criminals, much like "The Cleaning Ladies," but with a more mysterious storyline.

Devil In Ohio (2022)

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The Devil In Ohio has a low-key version of Thony De La Rosa in protagonist Suzanne Mathis, a psychiatrist who finds herself in the Try to save her family. Like "The Cleaning Lady," "The Devil in Ohio" has a strong heroine, but it's much slower paced, keeping the audience guessing.

Suzanne, like Thony, would do anything to save her family, even if it meant breaking some of the rules she was sworn to as a doctor. It doesn't have as much action and intensity as "The Cleaning Lady," but every scene has a similar thrill and leaves the viewer with the worst impression possible.

Sky Rojo (2021-)

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Sky Rojo also discusses Undocumented immigrants, but in the eyes of girls trafficked for prostitution in Spain. Coral, Wendy and Gina decide to get rid of their pimp Romeo, only to discover that to be free they must also become ruthless.

They form a strong bond as they follow their own plans to escape Romeo and his followers, just like Tony and Fiona. Although it touches on many of the same sensitive topics as "The Cleaning Ladies," this Spanish action flick has more of a comedic twist.

The Old Man (2022-)

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Dan Chase is a former CIA agent who has been in hiding for 30 years but is now on the run after his past caught up with him. Hunting him is his former partner in the Afghan war, Harold Harper, who is backed by agent Angela Adams, who is actually Chase's daughter. The show expresses the realities of living like a fugitive in a more authentic way than The Cleaning Ladies.

It is slow and tense, with almost unpredictable action due to the sharp plot twists. Dan Chase, like Thony De La Rosa, will do anything to protect his family. Every episode ends with suspense Like the cleaning lady, leaving the audience hungry for more action.

Cypher (2021-)

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Cypher takes fugitive-turned-hero up a notch from The Cleaning Ladies, with more action and more mystery. It follows crypto analyst Will Scott, who finds himself caught in the crossfire of a mysterious and ruthless group as he tries to decipher a blacklist hidden in an FBI-encoded file.

When they get involved in his drama, he protects them at all costs, just like Tony did with her family. Will Scott also struggles with whether to work for the FBI or a bad guy like Tony, as his family is in the crossfire and he falls in love with a would-be killer. The plot twists and gripping plot are every bit as exciting as in "The Cleaning Ladies," with plenty of tense moments.

McMafia (2018)

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Alex Godman, the son of an ex-Russian mafia boss, tried to make an honest living in the UK as an investment fund manager, but he and his fiancée Rebecca His Russian ancestry has always troubled him. He is forced to seek an alliance with other shady investors in order to survive the business and keep his family safe For his father's enemies had come after him.

Like Thony De La Rosa, Alex's skills as a financier were diminished by perceptions of his nationality, forcing him to break the law. McMafia takes a sleek approach to crime, shooting more scenes in elegant rooms and expensive dinners than The Cleaning Lady's many backstreet scenes.

Stumptown (2019-2020)

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Stumptown tells the story of Dec Parios, a female veteran who suffers from PTSD as her time in Afghanistan in military intelligence left her with not only the love of her life, but a horrific memories. She struggles with gambling debts and unemployment until she decides to work as a private investigator, investigating cases involving dangerous criminals that the police can't get involved with.

Like Thony, Dex has made the right choices in her complicated career, even if it wasn't legal, while trying to protect her family from the storms her work created. It doesn't have as much action as "The Cleaning Lady," but when it happens, it's just as thrilling.

Fatma (2021-)

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Fatma, like Thony De La Rosa, was an innocent cleaning lady until her husband mysteriously disappeared Force her to show her claws as she takes down dangerous criminals while looking for him. Like Thony, Fatma uses her job as a disguise to survive in the murky underworld where legality and justice don't matter.

Every turn in the show is tense, as every threat Fatma encounters feels like it will eventually end her. The episodes in Fatma have a lot of action and emotion, and like The Cleaning Ladies, the plot twists make the show unpredictable but entertaining.

Blood And Treasure (2019-)

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Danny McNamara (independent antiquities expert working for the FBI) ​​and Lexi Vaziri (art thief) are a formidable team against the forces of darkness, like Thony and Arman of the Cleaning Ladies, repressing each other's affections.

They are tasked with stopping an international terrorist from using stolen artifacts to fund his operations when they find themselves at the center of an artifact scandal that could redefine world history. The gray areas in Blood & Treasure are major storylines, as in The Cleaning Lady, where art thieves and art theft stoppers join forces for the greater good.

Maid (2021)

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Handmaid star Margaret Qualley In the main character Alex, she is a strong and likable female character who, like Tony Dela Rosa, struggles with poverty and single parenthood. Alex is a single mother forced to move to a shelter after fleeing her abusive boyfriend. Like The Cleaning Lady, The Maid expresses the plight of low-income families and how difficult it is for them to get help from the authorities.

Alex also worked as a cleaner of expensive houses on neighboring Fisher Island, where her living situation contrasted sharply with her own. The miniseries explores many of the same themes as The Cleaning Ladies, but with a more realistic approach and less action.

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