Superman May Be More Amazing Than His Fans Realize

A Superman's location might suggest a magical element to his history. Monkey King #4 reveals a potential magical connection to Iron Man.

Is it possible that Superman, the greatest force of justice in the DC universe, has a magical spark behind his immense strength? Mentioning a specific location in Monkey Prince #4 might make everything about Iron Man look new.

It's no secret that Clark Kent possessed such overwhelming power. He's from Krypton, a world that revolves around a dying red sun. After he was sent to Earth to avoid the destruction of Planet K, Kal-El found himself severely changed by exposure to the younger yellow sun. Superman's powers all come from the cells in his body being supercharged with powerful radiation, which gave him increased strength, flight ability, and several other powers. Anyone familiar with the Kryptonian heroes knows that Superman and how his abilities work are backed by science.

However, there may be a little more magic to Superman than one might first think, and it all begins in one of the iconic lore locations. In Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang's Monkey Prince #4, the titular hero teams up with Robin Damian Wayne to save the The former's parents are from the evil penguins. Cobblepot is now controlled by a powerful demon called the Golden Horn King, and has many imps working by his side. Prince Wukong and Robin join Batman to fight the possessed penguin and manage to bring the prince's parents to safety. Unfortunately, Batman was captured by Penguin, and the demon began to feed on Bruce's life energy, forcing Monkey King to save him. When he did, the Penguin's demon assistant mistook Sun Wukong for his real father Sun Wukong and panicked, thinking he was still trapped in the Phantom Zone.

What The Phantom Zone Reveals About Superman

The Phantom Quarter is the infamous prison that Superman used to house several of his villains, most notably General Zod and his followers. The pocket dimension is one of the few links to Krypton's past, as the Phantom Zone has been previously studied by Kryptonian scientists, who believe the field has value. However, if the Zone has been holding on to Monkey King, then that could mean it's actually a form of magic that has the potential to bring a new twist to Superman's history.

Magic is one of Superman's notorious weaknesses, which makes magic like this all the more interesting Clark's iconic location is rooted in magic. If the Phantom Zone is part of Kryptonian history and is magical, then there may be more magical connections to Krypton's past. After all, Superman's chi, or life energy, is known to radiate into the world where it can be harnessed by others. Clark's superpowers are most likely not based on science, but on magic. This would make Superman not only one of the most powerful heroes around, but possibly one of the most powerful magical heroes as well.

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