Star Wars: The Bad Batch producer details ties to other series

Star Wars: Bad Batch producer details how Bad Batch connects to other projects in the larger Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch producer has revealed how the series connects to the rest of the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows the adventures of a group of clone troopers who undergo unusual mutations that make them more effective soldiers than others. The group banded together to form a squad known as Clone Force 99, who became the Empire's rogue mercenaries after discovering Order 66. They end up recruiting another flawed clone, Omega (Michelle Ang), to join their ranks.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, set between the Clone Wars and Civil War, adds a new field look at clone life after Order 66. Make sure the storylines in Star Wars: The Bad Batch are in perfect sync with the rest of the universe. In an interview with, Bad Batch producer Jennifer Corbett reveals the process that Star Wars creators go through when they think about how they will influence other projects. Check out her quote below:

"Where we are in The Bad Batch, it's a bit early into the era of the Empire that we're far enough away from Obi-Wan and Andor. But that's not to say that some of the storylines that we have don't affect those shows. We really rely on, you know, the Lucasfilm Story Group, who is with us whenever we have story conferences, and they comment on storylines if some are veering into territory that could affect other things that are either in development or are currently being made, we're made aware of that. But so far, we haven't been told, 'No, you can't do that because of this.' It's really more of a collaboration and just making sure that we're telling the best stories without affecting other things coming up."

How The Bad Batch Fits Into The Star Wars Universe

The show portrays the transition from republic to empire in the same way other shows Never dared, Star Wars: The Bad Batch holds a unique place in the Star Wars universe. Even small changes in The Bad Batch have knock-on effects for other shows. Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 includes the return of Commander Cody, proving that it can be an important staging ground for a beloved character to return and potentially redeem — or further malign — after the events of Order 66. The show may have the opportunity to fully determine Cody's legacy.

Considering that a major threat in Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the transformation of clone troopers into stormtroopers and its impact on the Bad Batch, the show also fully portrays the end of the clone troopers. The end of the clones was upon us as Tarkin looked to go on to create a force with a different genetic makeup. The show could even demonstrate what happened to the clone cadets after the order, something that hasn't been explored on screen yet. Since the comics and novels show how cadets are brainwashed and forced to serve the Empire, this show can exacerbate the tragedy by bringing that to light. wider audience.

While the show doesn't have much connection to Andor or the Boba Fett books, in addition to introducing elements of Star Wars canon that would influence them, Star Wars: The Bad Batch introduces a character dressed as The Mandalorian. A character with the same suit as Dr. Pershing, this could be a major potential connection to The Mandalorian. Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 is also expected to delve into the lives of clones recovered from Order 66, which could have implications for the upcoming Star Wars show Ahsoka featuring Ahsoka Tano. Significant impact. Considering she's lived in the aftermath of the Order for most of her life, anything Star Wars: The Bad Batch establishes will have a major impact on her life.

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