Star Trek's perfect tribute to Kirk and Spock in Wrath of Khan

The season 1 finale of Star Trek: The Prodigy said goodbye to the hologram Janeway and made a clever reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy's Season 1 Finale - "Supernova, Part 2"

The Season 1 finale of Star Trek: The Prodigy included a nod to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with perfect subtlety. The young crew of the USS Protostar abandon their ship and destroy it to save Starfleet. By destabilizing the protonucleus as the protostar jumped into warp velocity, the life construct was destroyed, stopping the signal that caused Starfleet's ships to attack and annihilate each other. But it will require a noble sacrifice by hologram Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is arguably the most admired Star Trek film, and certainly the most remake. In the Khan's wrath, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) sacrifices his life to save the starship Enterprise and his friends from the Khan (Ricardo Montalban) . Spock's death was perhaps the most heartbreaking moment in Star Trek at the time. Star Trek: Nemesis replicates the story beat of Wrath of Khan, especially during the climactic battle where Datta (Brent Spiner) sacrifices himself to save the USS Enterprise E s life. J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness" then remade "The Wrath of Khan" again, but the key moment was reversed, and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) Dead (temporarily) instead of Spock (Zachary Quinto).

Star Trek: Prodigy Finale's Perfect Wrath Of Khan References

Star Trek: The Prodigy season 1 finale "Supernova, Part 2" echoes "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" perfectly in subtle ways. Hologram Janeway knew her life was over when she realized her evolutionary program was too large to fit in a data chip. But in order to cheer up her young disciples and prevent them from stopping her sacrifice, she falsely claimed that the data file contained her complete program. The Protostar crew's final impression of the hologram Janeway is the hatch closing the bridge, the exact opposite of Admiral James T. Kirk's (William Shatner) heroic entry into Star Trek II's Kobayashi Maru simulation room.

Hologram Janeway's death also echoes Spock's death in Wrath of Khan very well. By choosing to stay and ensure that the destruction of the protostar would save the galaxy, Janeway acted as selfish as a Vulcan when she entered the radioactive warp core so that the Starship Enterprise could jump to warp and escape the creation stolen by the Khan. The explosion of the world device. Hologram Janeway's farewell message to Darrell (Brett Gray), Gwen (Ella Purnell) and others is as poignant as Kirk and Spock's farewell message A final farewell, though the older admiral was more emotional than the teen at the loss of his mentor.

Prodigy Showed The Right Way To Homage Wrath Of Khan Without Ripping It Off

Star Trek: The Prodigy's season 1 finale wasn't designed to be another remake of Star Trek II, but the animated series showed the right way to tip the ceiling on Wrath of Khan without directly ripping off the movie. After two remakes, audiences were less enthusiastic than the filmmakers had hoped, and Star Trek fans were understandably wary of further replicating Star Trek 2's most famous storyline.

But Hologram Janeway's sacrifice for the children is logical and deserved. It also grooms the original Star's young heroes as their new mentor, Lieutenant General Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). Star Trek: The Prodigy reversed Admiral Kirk's Wrath of Khan hero entrance with a hologram Janeway, it was done tastefully and unnoticed, it was just to give the hologram Janeway a lasting last memory A cool way.

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