Star Trek: Wizards Showrunner Teases More Familiar Faces in Season 2

Star Trek: Prodigy showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman have teased that more familiar Star Trek faces will appear in season 2 of the animated series.

The producers of Star Trek: The Prodigy teased the appearance of more familiar faces in season 2. Star Trek: The Prodigy, an animated television series premiering in 2021, is the first Star Trek series aimed at younger audiences. The show takes place five years after the end of Star Trek: Voyager and follows a group of young aliens to an abandoned Starfleet ship, the USS Protostar. While the main cast is mostly made up of characters new to the Star Trek franchise, Kate Mulgrew reprises her Voyager role as Kathryn Janeway, who was both a vice admiral in the series. , also a holographic advisor on the original Asterisk.

In a YouTube video posted to Paramount Plus, Star Trek Prodigy creators Kevin and Dan Hageman tease more familiar faces from Season 2. Kevin teased that "we'll see more familiar faces in season 2," while viewers can look forward to "bigger things." Dan also goes on to say that at the end of season 1, "Admiral Janeway promised them a new ship, but it wasn't the original Asterisk. So I think that's something that fans can speculate on." Check it out below Video:

Despite her prominent role in Star Trek: The Prodigy, Janeway is far from the only familiar face in the series. In season 1, Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) and Montgomery Scott (James Doohan) all appear as holograms. While all actors are deceased, their voices were drawn from archival audio from past Star Trek series and films. Gates McFadden also appears as a hologram in her Star Trek: The Next Generation character Beverly Crusher.

Which Star Trek Characters Could Return?

With so many actors from different Star Trek franchises appearing in Star Trek: The Prodigy, there are many opportunities for other familiar characters to return, even if their actors have passed away. Among the cast of "Star Trek: The Original Series", William Shatner's Kirk and George Takei's Sulu can be voiced in "Star Trek: The Prodigy", as can DeForest Kelly Archival audio of Bones and Walter Koenig as Chekhov. Since Janeway is an integral part of the series, former Star Trek: Voyager characters could also make cameos, including Tim Russ' Tuvok and Robert Picardo's Doctor.

Considering that Star Trek is one of the largest sci-fi series There are plenty of traditional actors out there in the world who could voice the voices of Star Trek: Wizards. With major characters like Kirk and Picard recurring in other current Star Trek franchises, there's a good chance the actors will voice voices for the animated series as well. Though there's no firm release date yet, Star Trek: The Prodigy season 2 is expected to premiere in late 2023 or early 2024, giving fans plenty of time to speculate about which of their favorite Star Trek characters might be. Might make a cameo.

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Source: Paramount Plus/YouTube

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