Star Trek: Q reveals why he was so focused on stealing Picard's body

In the Star Trek universe, the Q hyper focuses on Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and a special shot explains why.

Throughout Q's appearances in the Star Trek franchise, he's kept a high profile on Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and after he takes possession of Picard's body, readers can see why. In Star Trek Alien Focus: Q, the all-powerful trickster takes control of Picard, and as he goes through a day in the life of Captain Enterprise, he reveals why he cares about Picard: Respect — Here's What Q Says insufficient. Single shot released by IDW in 2009.

The Star Trek Alien Spotlight Project is a series of one-off shots that unveil some of the series' most popular aliens. Previous installments have focused on Trill, Vulcans, Gorn, and Borg. In 2009, IDW released a Q-centric single shot. The Q are a race of god-like beings, and while they generally don't interfere in human affairs, one of them (also known as "Q") has shown an endless love for humanity, especially Jean-Luc Picard obsessed. In his first appearance, Q put Picard and the crew of the Enterprise on trial for crimes of humanity. Picard was able to figure out a way out and prove to Q that humans are no longer savage and warlike. Q would then return multiple times, each time drawing Picard and his crew into his various schemes and machinations. But what was it about Picard that attracted him?

In a special one-shot written by Scott and David Tipton and illustrated by Elena Casagrande, Q occupies Picard's body at its worst; the crew of the Enterprise has been Sent to assist in the most important negotiations. Q then recounts Picard's day-to-day life, interacting with his officers and making command decisions. Q tells Picard that his crew respects him; Q goes on to say that all he gets from "lower people" is fear and resentment. Picard is a reminder to earn respect; while Picard's crew does respect him, he respects them too.

Picard Has One Thing Q Does Not: Respect.

Q The Picard obsession boils down to one thing: respect. Q notes the respect the Enterprise crew has for their captain, which he admits is sorely lacking in his own life. Perhaps Q's vision of Picard is similar to his own: a man of relative power with someone working under him. Where they differ, however, is respect. Although the crew of the Enterprise can Seen as Picard's "inferior people", he still respects them and treats them with dignity. Q, on the other hand, has an extremely contemptuous attitude towards people he considers "inferior". Picard is right, respect is earned, and Q didn't do anything to deserve it. This concept, foreign to Q, explains his obsession with Jean-Luc Picard.

Q and Picard Got Closure.

In Star Trek: Picard season two, Q finds Jean-Luc and reveals that he is dying; he wants to see his old friend one last time - but has to play a trick first. In the season finale, Picard and Q hug each other as a sign of respect between the two. Perhaps in the final days of his life, Q learned the true meaning of respect, as indicated by his hand gesture at the end of the episode. Q gets a fitting ending, one that brings his story—and his obsession with Jean-Luc Picard—to its logical conclusion. Star Trek One Shot Explains Why Q Is So Obsessed With Picard - Respect.

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