Stan Lee's Wonder Woman Has a Better Weapon Than a Lasso of Truth

Stan Lee's Wonder Woman has an entirely different origin than DC's main hero, including a weapon that's even better than the Lasso of Truth.

Spoilers for Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 by DC Comics

Stan Lee's Wonder Woman returns to the pages of DC Comics and immediately proves she has a better weapon than a lasso of truth. In Story from Earth #6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1, Maria Mendoza showcases Wonder Woman's incredible heroism with her golden staff as she uses it to gain godlike Power and easily destroys a villain.

In the story "To New Beginnings" by Stephanie Williams, Belen Ortega, Jodi Bel Air, and Becca Kelly, in the recent Earth Story 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 Reintroduced by DC Comics as a version of Ms. Lee. The Sun Goddess battles new villain Frost, using her golden rod to disintegrate her heavily armed opponents while forcing her to expose her soul and revealing the dark path she took to care for her sick child after losing her job. During the fight, Lee's Wonder Woman shows why her weapon is more powerful than the Lasso of Truth.

Stan Lee's Reinvented Wonder Woman In His Just Imagine Universe

Stan Lee's version of Wonder Woman (co-created with Jim Lee) has a very different background and origin than the original version of the character. maria Mendoza gained power from the Inca sun god Tapac-Yauri after he found an ancient tablet in heaven with the help of him. With the rod, she gains super speed, strength and the ability to fly as the weapon transforms her from human to Wonder Woman. Unlike the original version of the character, she wasn't originally a goddess or an Amazon, but only became a goddess thanks to her powerful weapons.

Maria Mendoza's Wonder Woman will be one of the main heroes of the Just Imagine Universe, fighting alongside the Justice League and being a key member of the superteam. Thanks to her golden rod and the powers gained from it, she became one of the most powerful heroes of Stan Lee's DC Universe, as it gave her more abilities than the Lasso of Truth gave Diana Prince Ability. Although, it does seem to share Lasso's truth-telling powers, as the golden rod allows the villain to expose her soul.

While the Lasso of Truth is an extremely powerful artifact and one of Wonder Woman's most powerful weapons, Maria Mendoza's Golden Rod is even more powerful, as it is directly responsible for turning the imagined version of the hero into the Sun Goddess. Finally, Stan Lee's Wonder Woman With her golden staff is an interesting reinvention of the hero, with a whole new origin and powers, making her unique from the original. Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 by DC Comics is in comic book stores now.

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