Spider-Man's Biggest Continuity Mistake Just Became Marvel Canon

In his second appearance, Spider-Man is mistakenly called Peter Palmer - a moment that just became official Marvel Comics canon.

Spoilers for Spider-Man #4 by Marvel Comics

^ To save the Spider-Verse from its greatest threat yet, Mrs. Webber has just recruited the first Spider-Man in Marvel Comics history, Peter Parker... er... Palmer. In Spider-Man #4, as the web of life is attacked by Shathra, Mrs. Web recruits the oldest version of Spider-Man, which introduces a continuity error to the canon as it appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 The hero has officially joined the fight to save Spider-Man.

Spider-Man #4 by Marvel Comics' Dan Sloter, Mark Bagley, John Dale, Andrew Hennessy, Edgar Delgado and VC's Clayton Cowles , Mrs. Webb finds herself in Earth-616 Beta, an anomalous reality in the multiverse, looking for a new Spider-Man and Peter Parker to replace the heroes Shassela just obliterated. However, with every single Peter Parker from around the planet being killed, corrupted or destroyed by villains, Webber realizes that the Spider-heroes from around the world are her only chance to defeat the forces of evil. Introducing Peter Palmer into the Spider-Man canon, he appeared as a continuity bug in Spider-Man's second appearance.

Although Peter Parker has been gone since Spider-Man first appeared in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Amazing Fantasy #15, In his second appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, the hero was known as Peter Palmer, one of the most famous continuity errors in Marvel Comics history. While future The Amazing Spider-Man will continue to refer to Spider-Man as Peter Parker's secret identity, classic mistakes are still a big part of the hero's first story. Now, the character is officially a canon of the Marvel Universe.

Peter Palmer's Spider-Man Debuted In Peter Parker's First Issue

Bringing Peter Palmer into the Marvel canon is an excellent way to commemorate Spider-Man's (and Marvel's) greatest continuity blunder. The hero has the same original suit as Spider-Man, and speaks in the same funny way that Spider-Man originally did - even saying he's "Spider-Man" without the hyphen. So while the rest of the Spider-Verse isn't exactly sold and Peter Palmer could help save the day, Earth's Spider-Man 616 Beta might be the surprise solution needed to keep Shathra and all the other Peter Parkers off the map.

Peter Palmer will step up in the absence of Peter Parker's Spider-Man as the fate of the original hero hangs in the balance. Over 60 Watch 'Peter Palmer' Hero Returns Be Your Own Hero It's interesting years after his debut, because seeing him in action in future installments isn't what readers expected when the series started. Marvel Comics' Spider-Man #4 is available now in comic book stores.

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