Sonic is reuniting its best dynamic duo (and it's not Sonic and Tails)

The official and variant cover art for Sonic #57 is teasing the team-up of characters from one of the most disenfranchised groups the series has ever seen.

Warning: Spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog #56

The hero and partnership between Sonic and Tails is iconic, but for various reasons, Tangle and Whisper are an even better pairing in that particular universe, and they finally reunite in the next installment of the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog series .

Artists Min Ho Kim, Adam Bryce Thomas and Nathalie Fourdraine's upcoming cover for Sonic the Hedgehog #57 shows Whisper the Wolf and Tangle the Lemur finally together again after Whisper left Sonic's restoration team for her friend's safety. Ian Flynn's official summary of the story reveals that Revival sent the dynamic duo to investigate Dr. Eggman's new city of Eggperial in IDW's epic Sonic #50 Learned about and participated in combat for the first time.

This Team-Up is a Sonic Fan's Dream Come True

In addition to being a women-only team in a series filled with boy characters, readers get a first look at how the two female warriors complement each other in their own miniseries, Tangled and Whispers. The main revelation may rightly revolve around Whisper's troubles and tragic past, but Whisper's reticence and her fear of making new friends clash perfectly with Tangle's innate impertinence and thirst for adventure, which Whisper stumbles upon got this found themselves in a bind at the start of their miniseries. Their journey is one of self-discovery and learning how to respect and bring out the best in others. Whisper begins to accept Tangle as a close friend she can truly trust, and Tangle quickly understands why Whisper does what he does and what it means to her. With such a strong message, she was disappointed when she disappeared in Sonic's brief female-centric arc, as Whisper just realized that if she left Restoration to protect them from the Predator Mimic, It would be in her friend's best interest. But her absence only heightened the need for her return (and her reunion with the Tangle), with many fans anxiously awaiting issue 57.

One of Tangle's saddest moments occurred in Aaron Hammerstrom's Sonic Annual 2022 short story "Rough Patch", when she was teaming up with Rouge the Bat. In the end, Tangle was devastated when Rouge abruptly left with her stolen Chaos Emerald, which was all the more heartbreaking considering Tangle was undoubtedly still hurt by Whisper's earlier departure. she may be projecting her real pain From her being dumped by Whisper to Rouge's sudden departure. The recent Sonic issues only added to the suspense of their reunion with Whisper, who finally returned but never actually met the Tangle. And now the upcoming Sonic #57 is justifying the long wait with an entire issue of theme.

Interestingly, the official profile of Sonic #57 features two people investigating Eggperial City. While this means that Whisper has apparently rejoined the Restoration in an official capacity, some fans may be frustrated with the focus based on recent events, as Sonic's imposter cyborg, Surge the Tenrec, forcibly took Whisper's Wisp. Without a doubt, Whisper wanted revenge on Surge, who could have recruited the Tangle to help her, which would have caused tension between the two, as Tangle had an obligation to help the Restoration as well as her friend. That could still happen in a future issue, but that might be far off, as a sneak peek of the post-Sonic #57 cover suggests that the Whisper and Tangle collaboration may be short-lived. Amy Rose and Tails, then she and Sonic appeared on the covers of #58 and #59 respectively, with no sign of the dynamic duo reuniting. Anyway, this It's still exciting that at least one installment will focus on Tangle and Whisper.

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