Sister's Wife: Meri Brown's Top Social Media Posts of 2022

Meri Brown is having an intense 2022 after Kody Brown shared with Sister WIves fans that he doesn't love her. So how did she perform on IG this year?

After an eventful season of Wives, Merrie Brown is ready to say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023. Merry has always been a fascinating part of polygamous families, especially after her catfish scandal. Merry has been hiding in the shadows for years, hoping to win back Cody Brown's love, but this year is a little different.

2022 looks a little brighter for many, including Meri. Cody's first wife was able to emerge from COVID-19 quarantine after months of strict rules enforced by the patriarch. While Meri had hoped to reconcile with Kody and get close again, Sister Wives fans were shocked when Kody revealed that he was simply not interested in her anymore. Instead of internalizing her heartbreak, Merry took a different path, choosing a 365-day adventure.

Meri Gets Physical

Meri begins her new year with kickboxing training. The Sister Wives star shared that one of her New Year's resolutions is to be able to exercise more and focus on her mind, body and soul. While Meri admits she's not the strongest or healthiest in her body In class, she really showed that she was learning to love herself with all her flaws.

Meri's Book Deal

Around halfway through 2022, Meri reveals a cryptic post showing her holding a book with her eyes peeking over it. The Sister Wives star then hinted that she was ready to tell her story. While no more information has been revealed, fans can speculate that Merry may have written about what it's like to live in a dysfunctional polygamous household with Cody, Janelle, Kristen, and Robin Brown. While fans feel she could be the show's "doormat," Merry likely has a lot to say.

Meri's Wellness Retreat

For Meri, the ability to have her own space and do what she wants whenever she wants is invaluable. While many Sister Wives fans will argue that Meri's Real Retreat wasn't a success, the mother-of-one marked her November weekend as a good one. The matriarch had hoped to let paying guests stay at her Lizzie's Heritage B&B, but instead of making fans pay $6,400 for a ticket, she called friends to fill the space. although she may still be Marrying Cody spiritually in 2022 shows that she's been busy and won't let him stop her.

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