Savannah Chrisley Feels She Can't Continue Following Parents' Sentence

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley has revealed she feels "guilty" to move on with her life knowing her parents will be jailed in days.

Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best has always asked her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley to stand up for her, but as their time behind bars looms, she reveals she feels guilty about living without them. The Chrisley family has been struggling since Todd and Julie were sentenced to 19 years in prison (12 for the former and seven for the latter) for bank fraud and tax evasion. Savannah has always been strong, but she has never denied that the thought of seeing her parents in prison had a big impact on her.

While chatting with her brother Chase Chrisley's fiancée, Emmy Medders, on her Unlocked podcast, Savannah recalled how her father provided her with back-up support. She also detailed how he usually knew when something was wrong with her and helped her fix it. Savannah went on to reveal that it was difficult for her to move on and live without her parents because she felt people would judge her. Although she doesn't think she should put her life and her beauty career on hold Sassy because her parents would In prison, she still had that personal guilt inside her. "I feel like there's a certain level of guilt going on with my life and thinking about Mom and Dad not being there for certain life events," she revealed on the podcast. would not be able to marry or have children, although she knew they would one day be involved.

Savannah Chrisley Feels Like She's 'Grieving' Loss Of Parents

The 25-year-old Sassy founder also revealed on the podcast that, with Todd and Jolie in jail, "I said it was like mourning the loss of a parent who is still alive," before saying it was the hardest Experience one of the things in this world. Savannah added that she had to distance herself from the world in order to prepare herself. The best stars Chrisley knows are obviously filled with mixed emotions.

While Savannah appeared devastated before her parents went to prison, that doesn't change the fact that there is a silver lining to the challenges facing the Chrisley Knows Best family. The reality star's eldest daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, recently said the family has grown closer throughout the ordeal. She also added that they All stronger than before. However, the reason she wants their bond to be stronger comes from different circumstances.

It is not uncommon for Savannah to feel this way after her parents are sentenced, especially now that her parents' sentences start in a few days. The Chrisley Knows Best stars will report to a Florida prison on January 17, 2023, regardless of whether they file an appeal request. At this point, the Chrisleys need all the love and encouragement they can get to get them ready for what's to come.

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