Rick and Michonne Reunite in 'The Walking Dead' Spinoff BTS Images

Rick and Michonne actors Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira reunite in a newly shared behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff.

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira reunite in an all-new behind-the-scenes look at The Walking Dead spinoff Rick and Michonne. After Lincoln's Rick Grimes left the show in season 9, episode 5, AMC's zombie apocalypse drama was never the same again. And TWD fans were dealt another terrible blow in season 10, episode 13, when Gurira's Michonne himself quit the series. But there's nothing The Walking Dead loves more than a dramatic reunion, and that's exactly what's on offer when Rick and Michonne meet up again later in 2023 in their own spinoff.

Fans may have to wait a long time for Rick and Michonne to finally be reunited. But they can rest assured that work on the Walking Dead spinoff is progressing, thanks to a new Instagram post from Gurira herself. As the Michonne actor revealed, the spinoff is in pre-production. As an added treat, she revealed that she and Rick's actor Lincoln have gotten back together, at least behind the scenes, along with Rick and Michonne's showrunner Scott Gimple. See the reunion post in the space below: ^Walking Dead fans were at one point preparing for Rick Grimes' return, via A trilogy of feature films that promise a theatrical release. But those plans were whittled down to six small-screen limited series as reality began to emerge. Rick and Michonne's synopsis was informally described as "an epic love story of two characters transformed by an altered world". The recap continues:

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Of course, it's a foregone conclusion that Rick and Michonne will "find each other" at some point during the spinoff (fans will be very disappointed if anything else happens). How long the reunion will take remains to be seen. The Walking Dead's recent series finale did tease that Rick and Michonne were still apart when the spinoff began. In the tease, Michonne appears to have left the group she met in TWD's season 10 finale and returned to being a lone warrior. Rick, on the other hand, remains entangled with CRM, as shown in the final shot of him about to be picked up by helicopter, with the city of Philadelphia looming in the background.

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Rick seems to still be in control of the CRM It appears to be teasing the return of Jadis, who was last seen as a warrant officer in the Citizen Republic Army in the final episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It may also be important that Maggie and Negan are not far from Rick's place in their upcoming spinoff City of the Dead. In the course of the new spin-off, will Rick be able to meet one of his old friends again? So what about Daryl Dixon, who is about to embark on his own spin-off adventure in Europe? For The Walking Dead fans, a Rick and Michonne reunion would be cool, but it would be even better to see the five spinoff characters reunite for one last giant epic adventure.

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