RHOSLC's Jen Shah accused of having affair with married man and stalking

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star has been hit with more drama over allegations of extramarital affairs just days before Jen Shah is due to be sentenced.

More and more victims of Jen Shah's alleged schemes are coming out, most recently when the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star was accused of having an affair with a married man. Jen looks to be in jail for at least 10 years, but still enjoys the game of football. Fans of Bravo can't help but think she's in denial about her situation.

According to TMZ (and retweeted by @Bravoafterthoughts), the 2019 restraining order is again haunting Jen as she prepares for Friday's court date. A woman has accused the RHOSLC star of having an affair with her husband. According to the documents, Jen allegedly harassed and stalked his wife after she found out about Jen's secret relationship and sent Coach Shah screenshots of her text messages. Restraining order documents obtained by TMZ show the paperwork was filed in Nevada. Jen, apparently very agitated by the woman, allegedly drove across the state line at 2.30am and confronted the woman at her home, leaving the victim fearful for her safety.

Prosecutors Agree With RHOSLC Star's Victim

Individuals and prosecutors in Jen's case have submitted the victim's letter and questioned the presiding judge The information is reviewed ahead of Friday's sentencing. The woman asked to have her voice heard because it showed Jen's character traits. Prosecutors agreed with the victim, noting that the information in the letter was relevant because it showed how Jen behaved in front of others.

RHOSLC's Jen Shah Attends Rose Bowl

As fans will recall, Jen was arrested in March 2021 while filming RHOSLC Season 2. In a sprinter scene that will forever go down in history, Jen tries to escape the FBI after receiving a call from her husband. Jen and her assistant Stuart Smith are accused of targeting victims over the age of 55 in a nationwide phone scam. She was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The mother of two pleaded not guilty in April 2021 but changed her plea in July 2022, shocking supporters.

Jen does not appear to be affected by recent news, as she was spotted attending the Rose Bowl with her husband over the weekend. The reality star also revealed that she will not be participating in the RHOSLC Season 3 reunion. Bravo was not happy with Jen sharing that she was not allowed to discuss her legal issues. However, Jen eventually accepted On the advice of her lawyers, she chose to skip confessing everything and respect the court system that will sentence her.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT Bravo.

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