really need another stargate movie or show

The Stargate series has been a phenomenal success across media, and it's time for Amazon and MGM to reboot or reboot the sci-fi saga.

It's really time for another Stargate movie or TV show. In 1994, audiences stepped into the Stargate for the first time. It didn't take long for the film to transform into a cross-media franchise, including spin-off TV shows Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and the Stargate Universe, as well as Several direct-to-DVD movies. The Stargate Universe was canceled in 2010, and since then there's only been one web series that hasn't really expanded on the story at all.

The Stargate cross-media franchise lasted an impressive 16 years and still has a loyal fan base. MDM returned to Stargate several times, even hiring writer Brad Wright to write a pilot episode for some sort of reboot or reboot. Unfortunately, this was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and the idea was shelved. As Brad Wright noted on Twitter, "All the players have changed in the interim, so it's likely to gather dust." It's an exciting time for a team that truly deserves a return. Disappointed news.

The Stargate Franchise Was A Phenomenal Success

Stargate's official viewing order includes a feature film, two direct-to-DVD films, 17 seasons of various TV shows, and a web series. The sheer size of this transmedia world perfectly demonstrates its potential. Although the stargate It's clearly a phenomenal success that never got the attention that Star Wars and Star Trek did. Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis are known for their blend of action and humor; the former is the strongest series yet, focusing on a tight-knit group of explorers who feel they have almost inherited the Enterprise The mission of exploring new worlds and new civilizations. It's no surprise they lasted this long.

Stargate: SG-1's original enemy, Goa'uld, is very notable. The Goa'uld are a throwback to the "ancient aliens" metaphor, the symbiotic race that conquered Earth thousands of years ago and became the basis of Egyptian mythology. They are a race of symbiotic, snake-like creatures that possess host bodies - including human bodies - and use the knowledge and technology of other races for their own benefit. Specter, Stargate: Atlantis' most famous villain, are all equally sinister; they drain the lives of their victims and are eager to find their way to Earth, their feeding ground. Every franchise is as powerful as its villains, and Stargate's villains are all the best.

It's Time For Amazon To Bring Back Stargate

Amazon closes deal to buy MGM March 2022, senior executives are sure to be keen to capitalize on the wealth they have now. Much of the attention has been on MGM's most high-profile franchise, James Bond, but Amazon has also acquired Stargate; their executives are the new "players" Wright referred to. Instead of stopping development of a new Stargate movie or TV series, whether it's a reboot or not, Amazon's acquisition should spur it. Science fiction is all the rage, nostalgia is a huge force in pop culture, and studios are sure to be looking in their catalogs for ideas to revive. It really is time for the Stargate to return.

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