Predator builds a timeline in 2022 that can sustain franchise

2022 is a big year for the Predator, from a film revealing the origins of Yautja-hunts on Earth to a bright future for the Marvel Comics franchise.

The Predator series has been a fan favorite in the sci-fi/action subgenre since the '80s, but the franchise really finds its footing in 2022 as the latest addition to the legend creates a timeline that could sustain the series for years to come.

The Predator, or Yautja, was introduced in the 1987 film The Predator, in which an alien creature lands on Earth in its spaceship, lands in the Amazon River, and begins hunting down the most dangerous Prey: Humans. This is not the first time the Yautja race has hunted humans, nor will it be the last. In Predator 2, the Predators will return to Earth to hunt more humans, then they will kidnap a group of humans and take them to an alien hunting sanctuary in Predator, then return again in Predator Earth. In the latest live-action series Prey 2022, fans are introduced to one of the earliest known Yautja hunts on Earth, which takes place in the early 1700s. While each story is a little different, the general premise of the broader Predator series is that there's a group of aliens obsessed with proving themselves to be the world's greatest hunters Cosmos, they keep coming to Earth to prove it - a rather repetitive formula that just received a much-needed facelift.

In Ed Brisson and Kev Walker's ongoing Marvel Comics 2022 Predator series, fans are thrown into a world unlike any other in the Predator series: the future. In the first issue, readers were introduced to Theta, a woman who has been hunting predators across the universe since her entire extraterrestrial colony was slaughtered by one of them when she was a child . After her people - including her parents, were killed right in front of her - Sita stole a spaceship belonging to the corporation funding the alien colony and used the advanced technology inside it to fly from the planet to the Stars - Go to planets and kill predators wherever she finds in search of those who murdered her family.

2022’s Predator Establishes an Intriguing New Character & an Exciting Future Landscape

Theta is by far the worst protagonist in the Predator series, not only because her origin story is so tragic, but also because she has killed more Predators than all the other movie protagonists combined - and it's not even close . Theta is as good as she is mainly because of the futuristic landscape, This series is fixed. The Predator always takes place in the relative present of any movie release (except for Predator, which manages to establish the Predator's first known encounter with humanity). However, the series takes fans into a sci-fi future similar to the Alien series, which transforms humans from being essentially survivors/victims of predator attacks on Earth to being able to go on planet-hopping, predator-killing adventures The Space Warrior, just like that man fans are seeing in this new series.

The Predator has evolved from the original structure in which the Yautja came to Earth, killed some people, and then was eventually killed by a worthy warrior. Now, according to the characters and settings of this latest series, humans are becoming space-traveling predators, and the Yautja will have to evolve into deadlier versions of their former selves to keep up—a whole new status quo at Marvel Comics Built in the 2022 Predator lineup, enough to sustain an entire franchise.

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