Plugable provides unrivaled connectivity with 16-in-1 Thunderbolt Dock

Plugable has unveiled its new 16-in-1 Thunderbolt dock at CES, which can power four 4K displays from a single input.

Plugable, a company that creates docks to provide technology connectivity without using built-in computer ports, unveiled a 16-in-1 Thunderbolt dock at CES 2023 that can power four computers with just one USB4/Thunderbolt connection. to power a 4K display. To keep laptops and some desktops small and portable, manufacturers are ditching a host of input and output options in favor of universal ports like USB-C. Not all USB-C ports are created equal, though. USB-C ports supporting the USB4/Thunderbolt connection standard enable high data transfer speeds, and Thunderbolt docks take advantage of this potential by adding more connection options while using a single port.

Officially titled Thunderbolt Certified 16-in-1 Quad Display Dock, Plugable's product seems best suited for quickly connecting to a desktop setup. The dock connects to a laptop or desktop via a USB4/Thunderbolt port, and its input can deliver up to 100W of USB power, making it suitable for almost any laptop. Since a 100Wh battery is the largest battery you can take on an airplane, most laptops won't exceed that threshold, according to FAA regulations. Thanks to the power supply of the docking station, it can power the laptop and pass the Same USB4/Thunderbolt port.

Not All Laptops Can Take Advantage Of Plugable's Dock

The dock has a total of 16 ports, providing everything from power and data to audio and networking. It's especially useful for users who regularly connect their laptops to desktop workstations with multiple monitors, peripherals, external storage, and hardwired Ethernet connections. Plugable's dock splits the video output between HDMI and DisplayPort, with two of each port capable of sending 4K video to an external display.

Not all laptops can connect to four 4K displays via one USB4/Thunderbolt port. Windows PCs running Windows 10 or newer can utilize all four display outputs to connect to a 4K monitor, but Mac users are out of luck. Unlike other docks, Plugable's newest option doesn't overcome the output limitations of Apple Silicon computers. Mac systems built on Intel, M1 Pro, or M1 Max architecture can power two displays, while M1 or M2 systems are limited to one external display connection.

Despite potential display limitations, the dock is technically compatible with any device with a USB-C connection. However, the dock relies on the USB4/Thunderbolt standard for most of its functionality, and potential buyers should make sure their computer is capable of using the dock's functionality before purchasing Buy. With a hefty $299 price point, only users who can take advantage of all or most of the dock's flexibility should make the leap.

Despite these limitations, the device proved popular. Pre-orders for the 16-in-1 docking station sold out on Amazon just hours after the launch. Plugable's Thunderbolt-certified 16-in-1 quad display dock will be available on January 17.

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