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Fans on Reddit haven't been shy about sharing their thoughts on awkward relationships or cringeyworth dialogue in the original books.

The Originals is a show that continues to captivate fans years after it aired on television. Fans of the TVD universe recently gathered at Scottish Comic Con, bringing back several of the show's stars, including fan favorite Daniel Gillies.

Although The Originals was hailed as the best of all three shows on TVDU, there were inevitably things fans didn't like. Either they find someone in a weird relationship on the show, or some of the dialogue is cringe-worthy, and fans aren't shy about sharing their opinions on Reddit.

Incest Vibes

"Anyone else think it's a bit weird that Kol is trying to mess with his sister? Shouldn't he be embarrassed when he finds out that Freya is his sister?" said Reddit user luvprue1. The dynamic between the Mikaelsons is often not just weird, but even for them, the near-incestuous vibe of their scenes is awkward.

After he accosts her and learns she is his long-lost sister, instead of being embarrassed by it, they pick up where they left off, and Kol isn't even surprised that Freya is alive, although Klaus and Elijah aren't Seems unaware of her presence.

Josh's Scenes

"I may Getting some nasty here, but most of Josh's scenes ? The cast just doesn't do it for me. His delivery is so stiff," said Reddit user doofy1743. While there's no doubt some fans love Josh's character, the difference in acting ability is to be expected on a show like The Originals. His name There are several acting credits, so his performance will be stiff at first. But it's worth noting how much he improves by the end of the show.

"I like the actors' voices, but their narration is a bit awkward at the beginning of each episode , making the show feel really childish,” said the Reddit user.


From the start, The Originals was very different from The Vampire Diaries. While the narration style was fine for TVD’s previous seasons, fans felt it was the right way for them to want too childish and awkward for the atmosphere.

"I cringe every time Marcel and Klaus use The word king or kingdom when talking about New Orleans. Mainly because neither of them have any real power or influence other than violent coercion or blackmail," said Reddit user AugustineBlackwater. Summarized as the Battle of New Orleans because the two couldn't stop arguing over who was "king". People were in the process , as Reddit users pointed out, they thought it was pretty pathetic for either of them to be kings.

Kingdom Come

Elijah and Hayley are soul mates, even if they don't end up together. But not all fans are happy with Elijah and his niece Excited to be with his niece's mother. "Elijah being with his niece's mother is so awkward and unnecessary" said Reddit user Safe-Return1004. ^The show often bypasses the protocol of the relationship, Marcel and Rebekah's relationship, and even Kol Flirts with Freya at some point. However, Elijah has nothing to do with Hayley, she only had a one night stand with his brother - she didn't have a long term relationship with him before switching brother.

"Am I the only one who can't stand her as a vampire? Her arrogance to 'Dark Objects' and her manipulative tactics against everyone? I cringe every time," said the Reddit user. Overall, Camille was a very popular character and fans loved her as Klaus' love interest, but that all changed when she turned into a vampire.

Keeping It In The Family

Her personality seems to have turned bad, and fans don't like some of her new personality traits. However, being a vampire is just about enhancing who the person already is, so in this case - Camille may have always been that way, just more subtle and difficult to admit.

"I can't love you and my family at the same time." ...I thought we were over it. Organize your shit, Freya. I'd rather see more snakes crawling out of moths than hear this shitty conversation," said Reddit user Enzeder, pointing out the awkward scene between Freya and Keelin. ^For the sake of the greater good at this point Choosing pain over benefits is repetitive and annoying in the show. After all they've been through, Keeline has the option to choose whether she leaves or stays, even if staying means getting hurt.

Camille As A Vampire

"Just opinion, but does anyone else think Marcel and Rebekah have a weirdly toxic and cringe-worthy relationship? I know, the scene where they get into a heated argument and then go kiss ?, I just cringe at me," said this Reddit user. Many fans believed the two were soul mates, but that didn't convince the subreddit.

Not only do they find their scenes creepy, but they can't help but point out that Marcel is basically adopted by Klaus, and thus Rebecca's nephew. While they're not related by blood, that made it hard for some fans to believe in the incredible love story the writers were trying to tell.

Freya's Ultimatum

Matt Donovan is one of the most recurring characters in all of the shows, but he doesn't always prove to be the brightest. He often survives just because of the plot armor, because being human and surrounded by supernatural beings, it turns out that survival should be harder than it is for him.

Fans on Reddit couldn't believe how stupid he was when he attacked Elijah and Finn Carry a gun, knowing full well it won't do anything to hurt them. "It's so stupid because you know those bullets are useless and these guys can kill you in microseconds, but you still aggressively attack them?!?!" said Reddit user Whateveratreddit.

Rebekah And Marcel

The Claus and Caroline scenes and episodes are some of the show's most popular, but that doesn't mean everyone likes them. Reddit user Frequent-Talk182 said: "Any scene with Klaroline, and their cringe-worthy talk 'You're not the villain in my story'."

Many Redditors agree that watching a 500-year-old vampire fall in love with a teenage Children are mean and unrealistic. Not least because Klaus is said to have fallen in love with Caroline back in Mystic Falls, when she was a teenage girl, not the strong woman he'd come to know later.

Matt Coming At Elijah And Finn

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Klaus And Caroline

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