Netflix Cancels 1899 After One Season

Netflix canceled the enigmatic sci-fi series 1899 after just one season, continuing the trend of streaming canceling high-profile purposes.

Netflix has canceled the big sci-fi series "1899" after just one season. The series comes from the creators of Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the brains behind another Netflix hit, Dark. Both 1899 and Dark love mysterious storylines that keep viewers guessing at every turn. 1899 focuses on the crew and passengers aboard the Kerberos, and the dark secrets that connect their journey to the recently lost ship Prometheus.

1899 co-creator Barambo Odar announced on Instagram that Netflix has opted not to continue the show's second season. Bo revealed the news through a joint statement written by him and co-creator Jantje, starting with their deep regret that Netflix has chosen not to renew the show, meaning 1899 season 2 won't be able to solve the mysteries that 1899 set in the first season finale. The series co-creator also explained that the original plan was for 1899 to tell its twists and turns through three seasons, like Netflix's Darkness. The statement ended with a thank you to 1899 fans, with the creator noting that the news will reach millions. View full announcement Below:

What 1899 Season 2 Would’ve Been About

There are many theories about what Season 2 of 1899 might look like. Season 1 of The Dark Show kicks off with some horror when Kerberos' crew and passengers discover the missing Prometheus ship floating at sea. The 1899 finale explained that the events of the entire season took place in a simulation created by the protagonist, Mullah, who knew nothing about it. It was revealed that the sci-fi plot had to do with Maura wanting a place to be with her son Elliott. 1899 revealed that Elliott was seriously ill in the real world and could even die from it, when Mora transferred her son's conscience to the virtual time loop reality she had created.

The 1899 season 1 finale ended with Maura finally remembering her past and deciding to wake up from the virtual reality she created. The Prometheus ship in 1899 is actually a spaceship, as Mora wakes up in the finale to find the rest of Kerberos' crew and passengers asleep in pods around her. Viewers discover Mora aboard a Prometheus program spacecraft in 2099, with Footage outside shows the craft floating in space. The 1899 finale provided an opportunity for season 2 to have Maura try to understand if she was in the real world or in another simulation orchestrated by her brother Cirian, who was revealed to be the one controlling the previous Kerberos simulation.

Netflix Continues Its Trend Of Canceling Big Shows

"1899" is yet another major show not to be renewed in Netflix's recent trend of canceling major shows. Over the past few years, subscribers have repeatedly called on Netflix on social media to reconsider canceling some projects. The fantasy series Warrior Nun, canceled by Netflix, is the latest example of the streaming trend, before 1899 met the same fate. In Warrior Nun's case, Netflix did worse, with viewers taking to social media to claim that the streamer wanted the show to fail because Netflix barely advertised the Warrior Nun season 2 release. 1899 didn't have that problem because the creators behind the show had a previous partnership with Netflix with the hit show Dark, but even good marketing and high ratings for the new show couldn't keep 1899 from being canceled.

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