Mystique Cosplay Proves Her M Clothing House Is One of Her Best Costumes Ever

Mystique's House of M designs are in the spotlight in a new cosplay showcasing why this costume is so perfect for the character and hers.

Mystique is one of the most devious characters in the X-Men, and her new cosplay for the House of M perfectly highlights why the costume works so well. Mystique in House of M perfectly represents so many of her characters and reveals what exactly makes the chaotic mutant click.

In House of M, a broken Scarlet Witch is pressured by her brother Quicksilver to use her powers to rewrite reality so that mutants become the dominant force on Earth. In this new version of reality, Magneto rules America, where mutants are the majority, and discriminates against the minority of humans in much the same way humans discriminate against mutants in the regular Earth-616 continuum. One of the most notable changes in this reality is the character of Mystique. On Earth-616, Mystique is a blue-skinned mutant shapeshifter, whose loyalties and her body will challenge her as she navigates the line between murderous mutant terrorists, reluctant government agents, anti-heroes, and the X-Men. It is easy to change the form. In House of M, Mystique works for this real-life version of S.H.I.E.L.D., reimagined as an organization dedicated to strengthening and maintaining Magneto's reign.

What Does Mystique Really Want?

Mystique's role in House of M It also hints at something charming about her character. In Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel's mainline House of M series, it was suggested that Scarlet Witch's manipulation of reality actually empowered many of the characters' deepest desires. Wolverine's tie-in with the House of M, The Wolverine Vol 3 #33-35 by Daniel Way and Javier Saltares helps clarify what Mystique's desires are. In this story, Mystique plays Wolverine's nemesis, Nick Fury, to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. and give Logan the motivation to break out of his doldrums. Mystique's greatest wish? Where does she feel most confident? This is when she engages in deception and against her master.

The last point shows that House of M wasn't perfect for Mystique. As in House of M, Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, and R. B. Silva's House of X/The Power of X has Mystique ensuring mutant prosperity, at least in part, at Magneto's behest. Unlike House of M, however, Mystique here is not loyal to Magneto, but instead works to ensure the resurrection of her wife, Fate. In fact, House of M is one of the very few instances where Mystique has worked under her own people free will. Her other notable work in government, as part of Valerie Cooper's Freedom Force, was also done under duress. Mystique is at her best in her own way, apart from any group, be it the government or the X-Men. So while Darthkarou's cosplay may have highlighted just how good her M-House design is, Mystique herself is happy that regular continuity continues to allow her to flourish as a rogue agent.

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