My Big Fat Wonderful Life: Why Fans Worried About Glentor

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Glenn Thore has a close relationship with Babs Thore. Fans wonder how Glenn is coping with the loss of his beloved wife.

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life care about Glenn Thore and want to know how he's coping with the loss of his wife, Barbara "Babs" Thore. The couple are inseparable and their love for each other is palpable. It must have been tough adjusting to life without Babs and facing the reality that he no longer had his best friend by his side. Fans worry about what the grief will do to his health.

Glenn and Babs were married for 45 years and had a wonderful life together. Their love relationship is inspiring, which is why their daughter, Whitney Way Thore, has such high standards for her love life. Watching Glenn and Babs treat each other so well, Whitney understood what she hoped to find in a relationship one day. Viewers of My Big Fat's Wonderful Life have always enjoyed watching their real-life relationship onscreen, from seeing Glenn doting on Babs, to their hilarious and heartwarming banter.

Could Glenn Thore’s Health Be In Jeopardy?

Upon hearing the news that Glenn had lost his best friend and life partner, fans of "My Big Fat Good Life" worried that his health might start to decline. Whitney and her family just celebrated Earlier this year, Glenn celebrated his 76th birthday. While he's been living without any major issues, viewers have been known to be concerned that Babs' death may have resulted in physical or mental health issues. A thread on Reddit focused on Glenn and what he's up to right now. CarpeDiemMF wrote, "Babs will be missed. Honestly, I'm worried about Glenn right now."

Fans Will Never Forget Babs Thore

My Big Fat Wonderful Life star Whitney Saul announced the death of her mother, Babs, on Instagram , at the age of 76, which shocked fans. Babs has long been dealing with serious health issues. She has had multiple strokes over the past few years. Although Babs appeared to be recovering, she was still dealing with complications and moved to the Abbotswood Senior Living Facility to get the care she needed. Even after she moved, Glenn never left her side because he was also a resident there. Needless to say, life won't be the same for Glenn after losing Babs. In the above thread, Redditor monkey_monkey_monkey commented, "Some people thrive after the death of their spouse, others just seem to let go and wither. I fear Glenn will It is the latter.

There is no doubt that the love Glenn and Babs share is real. My big fat good life wouldn't be the same without this healthy couple. Fans can only hope that Glenn can rely on his family during this difficult time

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