Matilda the musical The Red Beret Girl creates a huge Miss Trenchbull conspiracy hole

Matilda's scene-stealing role in the musical, Hortensia, also known online as the Red Beret Girl, created a huge plot hole in Miss Trunchbull's rules.

Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical created a huge The Miss Trunchbull plot hole. As soon as the marketing campaign for Netflix's 2022 remake of "Matilda" kicked off, viewers quickly became interested in a character dubbed "the girl in the red beret." Hortensia, played by Meesha Garbett, is a senior at Crunchem School and her costume has several unique parts. The plaster cast on her left arm and the red beret on her head make her easily stand out from the crowd whenever the big cabaret starts.

The red beret girl in the film may be the star of several songs in the musical Matilda, but her other roles in the film are fairly minor. Much of the film's focus is on Matilda's story, meeting Miss Honey, and the dire situation the school has gotten into because of Miss Trunchbull. The latter, the main villain of the musical Matilda, is known for intimidating students who don't conform to what she considers proper behavior or appearance. This ranges from throwing a girl with pigtails to making disobedient students chokey, but Trunchbull often seems to ignore a student.

Red Beret Girl Defies Miss Trunchbull’s Rules In Matilda The Musical

It seems that the girl in the red beret in Matilda the Musical is almost always in direct violation of Miss Trunchbull's rules in the film. Not all of Crunchem School's guidelines are listed in Matilda the Musical, but a strict dress code is clearly enforced. All students wear similar gray suits, same ties, etc. However, Hortensia and her red beret seem like a clear example of wearing more than the dress code.

Thus, the lady in the red beret in Matilda the Musical seems to create a problem when Miss Trunchbull enforces her rules. She was a stickler for the kids to follow orders, and when one of them disobeyed, she had no trouble letting the others know. So the fact that Hortensia is always running around Crunchem School in a red beret while all the other kids only wear dress code hats doesn't fit. It makes no sense that Emma Thompson's Miss Trunchbull continues to turn a blind eye to the girl in the red beret.

Why Doesn’t Miss Trunchbull Punish Red Beret Girl?

Because the girl in the red beret from Matilda the Musical was allowed Donning her hat at Crunchbull, there must be some explanation why Miss Trunchbull didn't punish her and allow this unique wardrobe choice to continue. The red beret could suggest that Hortensia came from a military family, possibly beyond Miss Trunchbull's disciplinary authority. The red beret is associated with the paratrooper divisions of the British Army. While Matilda the Musical's kid was too young to be a member, the fashion statement could be because one of her parents served in the British Army in that capacity.

It is also possible that the red beret worn by Matilda's Hortensia in 2022 is a symbol of Crunchem's power and was given to her by Miss Trunchbull. Think of it like a hall monitor jacket, but with a different and unknown meaning. The only problem with this explanation is that the red beret girl still defied Miss Trunchbull and Crunchym during Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical, And the watchful eye of Trunchbull should mean that any responsibility or privilege will be stripped away.

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