Mass Effect: 10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize Garrus' Character

First appearing in Mass Effect, Garrus Vakarian has become a famous franchise icon and a character cherished by the community, as these memes demonstrate.

Mass Effect, which first appeared on the Xbox 360 console in 2007, has gained notoriety for its fully immersive universe, emphasis on player choice, and spectacular cast of characters. BioWare will shrewdly continue to build these one-of-a-kind characters throughout the trilogy and turn Commanders Shepard, Liara, Wrex, and Garrus into household names that continue to spark nostalgia 15 years later.

Garrus Vakarian is Commander Shepard's best friend, confidante and more, with the perfect blend of idiosyncrasy and charisma that make him one of the game's best companions. Garrus deftly played the role of best brother or support sidekick, making an indelible impact in the Mass Effect universe, with players and fans creating countless memes to express their true appreciation for the eternal Turian.

The Archangel Of 30 Rock

Throughout the Mass Effect installments, Turian sensation Garrus went from a frustrated C-Sec agent lacking purpose in ME1 to a confident, capable teammate and Shepard's best friend in the trilogy finale /spouse.

After joining Normandy, Garrus embarked on a journey of growth and self-discovery with Shepard. Through his battles against the Gatherers, Reapers and Cerberus, Garrus finds his meaning and his why. Add to that his natural penchant for one-liners, and readers get a Mass Effect version of good old Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock.

Best Mass Effect Wingman

Garrus, blessed and cursed for his wit, can find successful dating and love in ME2. However, while Garrus has all the outstanding traits that make Garrus one of the most admired sidekicks in the history of the game, he also has his weaknesses. Chief among them is his tendency to shout when he isn't saving the galaxy or calibrating.

Of the countless times Garrus has the player talking to himself, the awkwardness with which he forms a popular Reddit relationship with Shepard is memorable. In the world of creative and comedic memes, fans submitted imaginative entries about his innocent fumblings and failures as he ventured into romantic territory.

Treating Garrus Rudely Is Frowned Upon

As the most likable teammate in the Mass Effect series, many Shepard players felt pressured to choose the path of rebellion in their interactions with Garrus. To make matters worse, being the consummate class and soldier, Garrus rarely disobeys or disagrees with his commanders.

As such, when considering Garrus' dependable, conformist personality versus the rebellious Shepard's, the player sometimes feels like a bully in their interactions. Of course Gallus's Loyalty only exacerbates this feeling, as his noble spirit is slowly eroded by the overly aggressive and morally questionable renegade Shepard.

A Fixation On Calibrations

Garrus and his obsession with calibration easily makes up the highest percentage of nosy memes about the mechanically inclined of Mass Effect. When not on duty, Garrus is most often seen in the heart of Normandy, tirelessly calibrating its offensive and defensive weapon systems.

Garrus was formed early on to ensure that all ship systems were constantly calibrated to keep Normandy in optimum combat readiness. A high-level target for gregarious players or those looking for romance, Garrus offers some of the most rewarding dialogue in the game if players can get past his constant calibration.

A Most Sought-After Prize

As an important element of the Mass Effect story, Garrus became even more coveted after ME1. Since Garrus became an interesting character in the first installment, BioWare will use the feedback and include him heavily in ME2 and ME3.

In addition to Garrus being romanticized, subsequent entries in the series showcase his best qualities. Whether it's his noble nature, soothing dialogue, or availability on missions, Garrus has become a favorite companion Among enthusiastic player bases, as the poignant memes attest.

Jurassic Garrus

No discussion of Garrus would be complete without including the recurring aesthetic similarities between Garrus and everyone's favorite ancient reptile. Dino-Garrus and Croc-Garrus are just a running joke in the community, just some compositions that visualize Garrus' stark resemblance to the prehistoric beast.

The best art tends to truly resonate with its intended audience. In this case, the envisioned dialogue would resonate with millions of gamers who could close their eyes and smile as they imagined this interaction happening during their gameplay.

Classic Turian Humor

Wielding enough charm with a myriad of excruciating puns and one-liners, Garrus deftly dons the "too cool" shade when necessary. Garrus is much like the slightly reserved but leaning towards comedy and tactics of the family man, with smart use of wit in most of his dialogue.

By inserting mental aerobics into his humor throughout the series, Garrus made his character very likable, and a Redditor asked to be added to ME4. In fact, many in the Mass Effect player base have accurately captured Garrus Vakarian's comedic genius and memes of his cheesy glory.

A Standout Squad Mate

There is no doubt that one of the major contributors to the massive success of the Mass Effect games is the associated teammates And the relationships Shepard develops with them along the way. Yet even among the game's most memorable and dynamic group of teammates, Garrus stands out throughout the trilogy.

Beginning with Liara, Tali'zorah and Wrex in ME1, continuing with Mordin, Thane and Legion in ME2, and finally Ashley/Kaiden and EDI, Mass Effect is defined by their characters. Led by the Aries-infused Garrus, Shepard's teammates represent the characters the player has invested in countless hours saving the galaxy.

Even The Best Has Detractors

It is difficult for any player to find a character that is not criticized, no matter how well designed, and Garrus is no exception. So, unsurprisingly, there's a legion of Mass Effect fans with an unusual distaste for Pavalen's native son.

These Vakarian critics fall into a unique eccentricity that his zealots often praise. References to Garrus' fangs or battle-scarred mandible are sure to elicit cheers from his haters. But maybe those who refuse to let this remarkable man into their hearts simply don't know about his offensive dialogue exchanges and cheesy puns.

ME1 Struggles Of A Garrus Gal

In the critically acclaimed first installment, as the only heterosexual option for female Shepard players, Kayden Alenko offers little, Presents as an ordinary person with little enthusiasm or personality. Coupled with the nature of the Virmire quest, many Shepard players seek out Garrus through ME1 as their salvation.

Garrus exhibits all the traits that Kaiden lacks, and is described as an alluring romantic choice. Fortunately, after players expressed their love for Garrus after ME1, their prayers were answered by BioWare, making Garrus a romantic prospect and making love [and alignment] possible throughout Mass Effect.

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