Martin Scorsese explains why Tár is cinema

Martin Scorsese gave Todd Field's film Tár some of his highest praises, saying that when he watched it, "the clouds lifted" for the future of cinema.

Martin Scorsese explains why Tár is a real movie. Written and directed by Oscar-nominated Todd Field (whose past credits include 2001's In the Bedroom and 2006's The Little Children), Tár chronicles the downfall of fictional world-renowned composer and conductor Lydia Tár , brilliantly portrayed by Cate Blanchett. Since its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival last year ahead of its theatrical release, Tár has garnered massive critical acclaim for Blanchett's impeccable performance and how Todd Field's film portrays fame.

Now, Tár is being praised by one of the film industry's outspoken authorities, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese. When Blanchett also won Best Actress for "Tal" at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Scorsese went on to explain why "Tal" is such a great film Previously, Todd Field's masterpiece was praised as the spark of the future of film. Read what Scorsese had to say below, courtesy of IndieWire:

"For so long now, so many of us see films that pretty much let us know where they’re going. I mean, they take us by the hand, and even if it’s disturbing at times, sort of comfort us along the way that it will be all OK by the end. Now this is insidious, as one can get lulled into this, and ultimately get used to it. Leading those of us who’ve experienced cinema in the past — as much more than that— to become despairing of the future of the art form, especially for younger generations. But that’s on dark days. The clouds lifted when I experienced Todd’s film, ‘TÁR.’ What you’ve done, Todd, is that the very fabric of the movie you created doesn’t allow this. All the aspects of cinema and the film that you’ve used, attest to this. The shift in locations, for example, the shift in locations alone do what cinema does best, which is to reduce space and time to what they are, which is nothing. You make it so that we exist in her head. We experience only through her perception. The world is her. Time, chronology and space, become the music that she lives by. And we don’t know where the film’s going. We just follow the character on her strange, upsetting road to her even stranger final destination. Now, what you’ve done, Todd, it’s a real high-wire act, as all of this is conveyed through a masterful mise-en-scène, as controlled, precise, dangerous, precipitous angles, and edges geometrically kind of chiseled into a wonderful 2:3:5 aspect ratio of frame compositions. The limits of the frame itself, and the provocation of measured long takes all reflecting the brutal architecture of her soul — ‘TÁR’’s soul."

Is Scorsese Right About The Current State Of Movies?

A few years ago, Scorsese famously denounced Marvel movies as "not movies" when he said most movies were safe and predictable , it's hard not to think he's referring to the current state of franchise filmmaking, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is king. go through Reusing the same formula over and over again, the MCU has been criticized for being too predictable and safe, which has led to box office success but, as the research has found, it has also experienced decline. So, it's hard to argue with Scorsese on this one.

The famous filmmaker and fan last made headlines a few months ago at the New York Film Festival, where Scorsese lashed out at the obsession with judging films based on box office numbers, which he called "disgusting". . At this point, Tár's box office numbers aren't great, earning just $5.6 million since its wide release on Oct. 28. In Scorsese's view, judging a film from a purely monetary standpoint belittles and ignores the value of film as an art form. A perfect example of this is Tár, which was lauded by Scorsese and many others as a transcendent work of art but, unsurprisingly, failed to find a broad audience in theaters.

It remains to be seen whether Tarr will save the film, as Scorsese claims. It's clear that Todd Field's film is the clear frontrunner this year after Tár was nominated for three Golden Globes and won the New York Film Critics Circle twice. Awards season, and get ready to make a big splash at the Oscars. Perhaps then, once the film has the potential to reach a wider audience, Tár's overall impact on the film industry can be reassessed.

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