M3GAN star Allison Williams details the challenges of filming

M3GAN actor Allison Williams talks about the challenges she faced filming her upcoming Blumhouse horror film in New Zealand.

M3GAN star Allison Williams opens up about the challenges she faced filming her upcoming sci-fi horror film in summer 2021. Williams stars in the film as Gemma, a roboticist and inventor of M3GAN's AI doll companion, a prototype doll she uses to help her care for her orphaned niece, Cady. M3GAN will scare viewers with its titular doll-like robot, which becomes self-aware and overprotective of Cardi, causing the doll to commit a series of murders.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Williams revealed that the challenges she faced while filming M3GAN resulted in one of the most unique experiences she's had working on a film. She details the importance of adhering to COVID-19 protocols for filming in New Zealand, and the difficult filmmaking techniques used to bring M3GAN to life. Check out what Williams had to say below: ^Williams discusses the difficulty of bringing M3GAN to the movie screen by himself and highlights how movies will use unique effects to make M3GAN an exciting experience for audiences. Exploiting the fear of dolls is nothing new for horror, but M3GAN seeks The use of AI elements gives the film a slight sci-fi feel. While 2019's Child's Play remake previously explored AI and dolls in horror settings, M3GAN's status as a new media asset meant the film had the opportunity to explore these elements in a way unique to its world. The aesthetic of M3GAN is a friendly looking, child-like doll that also embodies the fear of seemingly innocent people turning into terrifying monsters.

The shoot was fascinating. We filmed in New Zealand, in the summer of 2021, when COVID was still everywhere. New Zealand had nearly zero cases, and to go to New Zealand you had to spend two weeks in a quarantine hotel in isolation. All of us who came from outside of New Zealand went through that. Then, once you came out of that hotel, it was just like the old world that we all remember. It was kind of amazing. We shot it really quickly. It was super-challenging. I don't want to give away any of the magic of how she's achieved, but getting M3GAN onscreen was really difficult. It kind of brought us all together, because it required the collaboration of the full crew. Basically, I feel like every department was involved. It was certainly a unique performative experience for me, playing scenes with M3GAN. I don't know that I'll ever have that experience again.

What Makes M3GAN Different From Other Horror Movies

M3GAN will also explore the idea of ​​a robot designed to protect others who take their programming too seriously. Instead of malfunctioning, the M3GAN performed remarkably well, killing anyone who might pose a threat to Cardi's physical and mental health. Her decision to commit multiple murders is based on her programming, giving the film the opportunity to explore the dangers associated with relying on untested robotic technology to protect and accompany humans. The film also taps into the fear of human creation against it, but gives it a robotic transformation that makes M3GAN stand out from similar horror films.

The latest trailer for the film also promises lighter moments for viewers, and M3GAN is learning how to Driving and dancing -- the latter has become a viral meme. While the film will still explore the idea of ​​sentient AI horrors, it seems like the film will also embrace the goofy side of having humanoid robots go on a killing spree. Every element of M3GAN, including Williams' time on set, seems set to come together to deliver a new and unforgettable horror experience for moviegoers in anticipation.

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Source: EW

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