M3GAN continues promising horror trend

The recently released horror film M3GAN continues the good trend after following the example of similar films in recent years.

M3GAN is the latest in a long line of horror comedies that continue a great trend in the genre. M3GAN is directed by Gerard Johnstone from a script by Akela Cooper. Conceived by Cooper alongside horror veteran James Wan, the story tells the story of M3GAN, an artificial intelligence doll who clings to her creator's orphaned niece, threatening anyone who stands between her and her new family. People are hostile.

Like most horror movies in recent years, M3GAN is produced by Blumhouse productions. The film's initial trailer, and its generally underwhelming January release, led many to think that M3GAN wouldn't be the best movie in terms of quality. However, initial reactions and reviews of the movie prove that M3GAN is only continuing a very promising trend in horror movies in recent years.

M3GAN’s Horror-Comedy Style Proves Effective Once Again

M3GAN is currently receiving highly positive reviews, with the film holding a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score after 100 reviews. The film's critical consensus was "Unapologetically stupid, but more entertaining, M3GAN is that rare horror-comedy that delivers a laugh as effortlessly as a chill." Continued Horror Trend, One Focus About horror comedies. The horror genre continues to rely on an often campy mix of goofy humor and unsettling horror, and this one has proven successful time and time again.

Other recent properties that have gained popularity due to this include Scream V, Bodies Bodies Bodies, the recent HBO Max release The Menu, and Netflix's Wednesday, which recently broke Stranger Things viewership records. Each of these properties, along with horror flick M3GAN, delves into dark comedy and chilling horror thrills. All of these movies and TV shows, exemplified by M3GAN's response, prove that horror-comedy is the most effective horror genre in recent years.

Why Horror-Comedies Seem To Be Better Received Than Pure Horror

While pure horror films still often receive critical acclaim, such as 2022's Hellbringer, Innocents, X, and Savage, it's undeniable that horror comedies tend to break into the mainstream and More consistently appealing to general audiences. One of the main reasons for this is the lightness that the comedy aspect brings to a horror film. Pure horror tends to hit audiences well after the credits, and stay with them for a long time.

However, audiences responded well to the horror movie M3GAN enough to bring frivolous mischievous, even goofy humor to darker moments. Without the deep, unsettling horror that directors like Ari Aster bring to their films, a horror-comedy like M3GAN can be more light-hearted while still delivering a sense of dread that makes horror so appealing. With movies like Scream VI and Cocaine Bear opening in the first months of 2023, it looks like the naughty humor of recent horror thrillers won't stop with M3GAN.

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