Leslie Grace Reveals Batwoman's Final Costume Is From Canceled DC Movie

Leslie Grace has revealed the final costume of Batwoman from the canceled DC movie, which he first revealed in January 2022.

Leslie Grace, who played the titular character in the canceled Batgirl movie, has revealed her character's final costume. Batgirl was originally slated to release in theaters or via HBO Max in 2022, but was canceled shortly after entering post-production. While there are rumors that poor test runs were partly to blame, Warner Bros. Discovery's cancellation was reportedly largely due to cost-cutting measures, with the film being written off as a tax break.

Grace shared a glimpse of Batgirl's final costume in the film on Instagram. In a few-second-long shot, Grace can be seen in a Batgirl costume, a marked departure from the first Batgirl costume Grace revealed in January 2022. While the former outfit consisted of a more wrinkled leather material and a front zip, the new suit is a more robust body armor with a built-in cloak. Check out a picture of Grace's last Batgirl suit below (via @BatgirlFilm):

Why The Batgirl Movie Deserves To Be Resurrected

There have been live-action Batgirls on TV since 1968, starting with Yvonne Craig in the Batman series Barbara Gordon/Batgirl begins. However, Batgirl has never appeared in any superhero movies, even as supporting role. Commissioner Gordon's daughter -- a key figure in the Batman franchise -- adding Barbara to the canon makes for a compelling story. In addition, the heroine can further expand and advance the DCEU. Both Margot Robbie and Grace have previously expressed interest in a Harley Quinn and Batgirl crossover, which would be a milestone for a franchise still severely lacking in diverse superheroes and overall female representation.

A large cast and crew were involved in the production of Batgirl, making the cancellation all the more regrettable. A multi-talented singer and actress, Grace's rendition of Batgirl is highly anticipated. Also, Brendan Fraser's chance to play the villainous Firefly will be missed, especially after the actor shared details about the character's backstory as a veteran who turned to a life of crime in desperation. Michael Keaton is also set to return as Batman for the first time since 1992's Batman Returns -- though he'll also reprise the role in the upcoming The Flash. Finally, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who previously helped direct and produce Disney+'s Ms. Marvel, will bring fresh and seasoned footage to the film. With star power and talent, There's so much potential in a Batgirl movie -- audiences will be excited to see the finished final product or another adaptation with the cast and crew working hard again.

Arbi and Fallah have been in talks to direct other future DCEU projects, and recently revealed that a meeting with DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran is on the books. Given that Gunn and Safran have yet to share plans for the character, hopefully a Batgirl revival will be discussed. It would also be a waste not to show off the new and improved Batwoman suit in some way, as fans would prefer to accept the upgraded costume that Grace revealed after the first version was widely criticized.

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